The Phlog: How Much for the Unit Without Parking?

An empty lot at the corner of 2nd and Brown had been fenced in and up for sale for longer than most neighbors probably care to remember—and next to apartments that’ve taken years to build, due to on and off work on the site.

Well, construction is finally set to begin. But there’s a problem, as someone with a trusty black marker on hand has pointed out:



5 Responses to “ The Phlog: How Much for the Unit Without Parking? ”

  1. Jon Geeting says:

    I really don’t see why this would be a problem. In a walkable city like Philly with decent public transportation, why should every housing unit have to come with a parking space? Forcing developers to bundle the cost of parking with the cost of housing just means more expensive rents. Developers should build as much or as little parking as people want to pay for.

  2. Joe says:

    I’m glad someone walks around Northern Liberties with a sharpie just waiting for the chance to annotate a zoning notice.

  3. PhillyGal says:

    sharpie vigilantes unite!

  4. Tim says:

    Try parking in NY.

  5. John Eight Thirty-Two says:

    The problem with requiring parking spaces in new residential buildings, is that it turns the sidewalk into a driveway — and requires the removal of on-street parking for the new garages. There’s no net gain, just a transformation of public parking spaces to private spaces. And the city becomes less walkable.

    Sorry, sharpie-guy: the court finds for the defendant.

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