DAILY GRINDER: 50 Democrats Sign Brief Supporting Voter ID Challenge

o-birthcertlongFifty House Democrats signed a brief in support of the challenge to the Voter ID law. Many claim the law violates the Pennsylvania constitution’s “protection of the right to vote and oversteps the powers vested in the General Assembly.” As we’ve reported before, it also unfairly brutalizes women, minorities, the elderly and college students. Governor Corbett has said the bill will help prevent potential voter fraud, of which there is minimal actual evidence.

And the “birth certificate” requirement has been dropped for those who lack photo ID. So, you’re saying Obama could potentially vote if he lived here? Sounds like a liberal plot.

Fourteen people were arrested yesterday during a mass protest of cuts to Philadelphia public schools. Most were members of SEIU 32BJ (bus drivers, maintenance workers, etc.), 2,000 of whom have received layoff notices from the district.

Monsignor William J. Lynn took the stand yesterday to defend himself in his trial and oh my god look what he said: “I thought I was helping people,” Lynn said. “I thought I was helping priests, and in those circumstances, I thought I was helping victims, as much as I could.”

Editor Larry Platt
has left the Philadelphia Daily News, and former editor, Michael Days, is back at the helm. Platt ran what was formerly known as “The People Paper” for 16 months.

A bill requiring mandatory prison terms for felons caught with guns passed the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, 190-7, and is off to the Senate. It would set a minimum 5-year prison term and, according to proponents (from the right and left, apparently), it will help reduce illegal gun sales.

Senator Bob Casey is still ahead by those wishy-washy numbers. He leads Republican Tom Smith 49 percent to 33 percent. According to a Public Policy Polling write up of the poll, “Casey continues to post unimpressive approval ratings, 39/38 this time around, but that’s largely because only 56% of Democrats give him good marks.” Still, three-quarters of Democrats plan to vote for him.

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