Mayor Nutter Keeps Up Blistering Mitt Romney Attacks

Did I mention Mitt Romney once curb stomped a toddler?

Did I mention Mitt Romney once curb stomped a toddler?

While some populist, moderate Democrats like Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker, former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell and Virginia Senator Mark Warner nervously support President Obama (and sometimes even criticize him), Mayor Michael Nutter continues his full court press against the former Massachusetts Governor.

Last time we heard from the mayor on Mitt Romney, he was demanding Romney release his full tax returns and, when asked about the governor’s plans for Latinos and ‘urban America,’ Nutter responded: “[Romney] leaves us with the impression that he’s never seen a Latino that he didn’t want to put out of the country.”

This time, the conference call on behalf of the Obama Campaign was regarding Romney’s time at Bain Capital, a private investment firm which Romney once headed.

Romney has been hit by both Democrats and Republicans for his time running the company. He’s been accused of running a “vulture capital” business, in which he bought out companies, then sold them when the timing was right, putting hundreds, if not thousands, of workers out of business. Romney and the Republican media has often countered these attacks, saying an attack on his time at a venture firm is an attack on the very idea of capitalism. And, therefore, an attack on America.

“Every day, Mitt Romney and his supporters and his campaign talk about his experience as a job creator, but when anyone tries to discuss that issue or his experience, we see the crocodile tears come out and the claim that those who want to explore his record don’t believe in capitalism,” said Nutter yeterday, who was the first to speak on the call with State Sen. Daylin Leach and Pittsburgh resident Randy Johnson, who claimed he lost his former job due to Mitt Romney. The Romney campaign has called stories by those like Johnson “performance art gibberish.”

Nutter went on to say Americans deserve a thorough examination of Romney’s time at Bain to determine what his economic values are.

“Mitt Romney’s economic philosophy for a short term profit for himself and his investors ahead of long term growth for the companies bought and sold were devastating for the communities where he and his partners invested,” said Nutter, who then went over the numbers: Claiming Romney bought a company in Marion, Indiana in 1994, fired the workers, hired them back at a lower cost, then ultimately fired them all again.

Nutter called Romney a “corporate buyout specialist,” whose specialty included buying companies, bankrupting them, laying off workers and shipping jobs overseas.

*In one of my dumbest editorial mistakes of all time, I referred to Cory Booker as Trenton, New Jersey’s mayor. That’s not correct at all. It’s been changed.

7 Responses to “ Mayor Nutter Keeps Up Blistering Mitt Romney Attacks ”

  1. Greg says:

    Mayor Nutter comes off very unprofessional in his interviews. He acts like this is some kind of personal thing with Romney instead of part of the democratic process in the United States that happens every 4 years. Frankly when they show the clips of him practically foaming at the mouth while he bashes Romney, I have to turn the channel because I am embarrassed by him.

    Do the citizens of Philadelphia really want to keep people like this in positions of leadership?

  2. Joe says:

    Dude at least Street’s gone. Come on!

  3. JAWN says:

    Uh… Cory Booker’s Newark, NJ’s mayor… not Trenton…

  4. Samac says:

    Anything to distract the sheep in Philly from mutters own incompetence.

    Look at the republican boogeyman while I loot and steal your life savings (ie. Jack up your property taxes and drive down the value of your property).

    Sad thing is the voters here are so stupid, paid off, or doctrinaire Leftist, they eat this garbage up. bend over and take it from nutter, then bitch about how Harrisburg and he rest of the state are screwing them.

  5. The Truth says:

    Are you idiots serious? Romney who has ZERO record on education, waltzes into an inner city classroom for photo ops and tells everyone that classrooms should be larger?

    It’s a blatantly fake move. Anyone with half a brain would know that.

  6. Don says:

    Nutter doesn’t seem to talk about his BFF Obama killing voucher programs in DC.
    Naacp bitches when Republicans show up at their deal, and they bitch when they do try for the black vote. What do they want?
    What have democrats done to deserve black votes?
    Democrats just like to keep them down on the liberal plantation.

  7. Kathleen3 says:

    It is stretching the truth to say there is not a Latino (illegal!) Romney would not have leave the country. It is factual in saying there is not an (illegal)Latino both Nutter and Ramsey would not embrace in their declared de facto sanctuary city. Romney does not require the votes of illegal aliens; Nutter, and for appointment, Ramsey both do need the illegal aliens in order to stay in office.

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