Philadelphia Increasingly Unpopular in Pennsyltucky

big stateSo, here’s something: With Public Policy Polling getting all over Pennsylvania lately, what with Attorney General polls, presidential polls, Biden polls, black and white polls, one that may have gotten lost in the shuffle is a city poll. People are moving back to cities, apparently, but Pennsylvania doesn’t necessarily approve of all the cities to which people are moving back.

According to the statewide poll, Philadelphia’s favorable/unfavorables statewide are at 37 percent to 42 percent. Comparatively, Pittsburgh’s are 57 to 17, Bethlehem’s are 42 to 10, Erie’s at 41 to 11 and so on.

We are the most unpopular metropolis in the state.

Further, that rating becomes more unpopular the further into Pennsyltucky you go. According to the PPP report of the poll, “Philly is seen very well by the people in the area codes surrounding it, but worse in areas further west,” while Pittsburgh is well-liked in the entire state.

And, as long as we’re descending farther into the ‘Tuck, it makes sense to point out that white voters in the poll dislike Philly at a 34-43 percentage rage, while black voters were really into the city of Brotherly something, 61-29 percent. Still: “Democrats fall at 47-30 on Philly, while Republicans fall at 26-55 and independents at 38-40.”

We probably don’t need to tell you why. As the thinking goes, Philadelphia is a corrupt hellhole where dreams and people go to die by gunfire as welfare money and other public resources suck the state dry, leaving nothing for the rest of Them.

Keystone Politics makes a pretty good point on the matter, insisting the hatred might be ill-served. They note, “Philadelphia contributes over 35% of Pennsylvania’s GDP. Many mid-state legislators would do well to remember that anti-urban transportation, land use and economic development policies at the state level end up hurting the state’s biggest economic engine, which in turn hurts the transfer payments that make their way of life possible.”

Of course, the rest of the state have essentially done everything they can to limit Philadelphia’s clout in recent years. Not the least of which was the scrapped-for-now idea to change the Pennsylvania electoral college system from a “winner-takes-all” to “by-Congressional-district” which would undoubtedly help Republicans, who have not won the state in a presidential contest since 1988.

For the record, we’re pretty into Philly over here and think others might be if they made the trek for Beer Week. More on that in tomorrow’s print edition.

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  1. Might I suggest that part of the reason for the distaste for Philly in the rural parts of the commonwealth is the negative attitude towards them exemplified by that derogatory use of the term “Pennsyltucky”. It seems to me that, Golden Rule style, you’ll garner respect in proportion to how you give it.

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