Mayor Nutter Attacks Romney, Praises Economic Improvement on CNN

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter went on CNN’s John King USA to combat presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s accusations that President Barack Obama is out of touch with the American people. Romney has been citing President Obama’s recent statement that “The private sector is doing fine”—which, by most measures, it is not. During Nutter’s appearance, he essentially avoided the issue while choosing to play up Romney’s record in Massachusetts, instead.

“We’re seeing significant signs of improvement, John,” Nutter told King when asked about Philly’s local economy. “There are a number of groundbreakings that I have participated in. We have cranes in the sky. We’re putting our construction workers back to work. So I think people are feeling a little more positive about the economy.”

King showed Nutter a new Romney web ad, which showcases unemployed Americans complaining about their situation alongside the president noting the private sector is doing fine. When asked about the ad, Nutter instead talked about Romney.

“Let’s look at the record,” Nutter responded. “When you talk about the job loss in Massachusetts, the things that Governor Romney did—let’s talk about his record, not the rhetoric—cuts to education, the second largest per-people cut in education while he was governor. Came in with a surplus, left with a deficit, and that’s part of the record of Governor Romney. He wants to get rid of police officers, fire fighters and teachers all across the United States of America. That’s not a growth record and the American public cannot afford Romney economics.”

Nutter has taken the role of Obama surrogate far more seriously, it would seem, than some other area Democrats. He has essentially never gone off message when touting the president—unlike Gov. Ed Rendell and Newark Mayor Cory Booker, both of whom infamously have clarified their remarks about the president and Romney—and has used every chance he’s got to attack the former Massachusetts governor on his tax returns, record at Bain Capital, gubernatorial policies and immigration policy.

Which is not to say he knows when to tout the president’s record when the times call for it. Later in his interview with King, he played up the 2009 federal stimulus package, noting it avoided an even more disastrous economy, and claiming the president did not get credit for the “disasters avoided,” and that Philadelphia saw positive growth as a result of the stimulus. He also noted that he’s part of the “ground…operation” for President Obama’s re-election.

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  1. Says the man who is trying to raise property taxes a third year in a row, and to raise occupancy taxes on business in Philly.

    Because we obviously have taxes that are “too low” in Philly and too few vacant buildings.

    Just say NO to the madness. No to AVI as a tax hike; collect the half a billion owed in overdue property taxes first:

    Can we afford Obama as well as Nutter? Think about it — can you?

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