DAILY GRINDER: Mitt Romney Likes Pickles and Sweet Peppers on his Wawa Meatball Hoagies

drudgeromneyThe Mitt Romney presidential campaign rolled into the Philly suburbs this weekend, and at one point hit up a Quakertown Wawa. He said stuff presidential candidates say, then ordered a meatball hoagie with pickles and sweet peppers while discussing his potential running mate. “I am considering a number of people for my running mate and carrying out the vetting and the due-diligence process,” he said. And besides that, he gave no indication of who he may pick. This article goes over the potential choices being rumored.

And here’s something: Unlike his own campaign, who drove around an Obama event honking their bus’ horn to mock attendees, the Romney camp avoided a different Quakertown Wawa when they heard Democrats, including former Governor Ed Rendell, would be there holding a competing event.

Not long after his home was burgled, a bottle was thrown at Congressman Bob Brady’s office. Someone doesn’t like that dude.

More bad news for the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board. The Board’s seven administrative law judges apparently found time to work somewhere between their “leisurely swims,” “shopping outings” and “jaunt to the Bahamas.” And for their workday fun, little action was taken, according to the Inquirer. One of the judges says no action was taken because “there was nothing there. End of story.”

Mayor Michael Nutter finally became the new head of the U.S. Conference of Mayors on Saturday.

Mini golf at the 30th Street station porch throughout July. MINI GOLF AT THE 30TH STATION PORCH THROUGHOUT JULY.

Owners of vacant properties in Philadelphia must now seal their buildings.

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