DAILY GRINDER: Marcellus Shale Set To Bring Jobs…Any Day Now

obama-stops-oil-drilling-utahA new study on the Marcellus Shale—funded by America’s Natural Gas Alliance, so you know it’s got to be true!—found that natural gas-supported employment in Pennsylvania will grow 14 percent each year to 2015. A previous study found the Shale industry will fund 216,000 jobs by that year.

A Pennsylvania State House bill was passed recently that would make it a crime to have secret compartments in your car that could be used for criminal activity. “A false or secret compartment is defined as an enclosure integrated into a vehicle that represents a modification of the vehicle as originally built by the manufacturer.” Intent to use for criminal activity, no doubt, is barely defined.

Not shady at all: Philadelphia Housing Authority head Michael Kelly quit his job on Friday to take another one in Washington, D.C.—for $60 thousand less than he’s making now. Kelly, who was hired after former PHA head Carl Green shit the bed, has “left behind a stunned staff and unanswered questions about the reasons for his stepping down.”

A Central Pennsylvania man was arrested for allegedly trying to sell his son. And not in any coherent, organized, planned way. According to CBS, he walked up to several people in a parking lot, asked them for money, then tried to hand off the baby. “I hadn’t planned on buying an infant today, but you make such a compelling case!”

Terry Madonna has a new analysis out saying if the Supreme Court overturns provisions in Obamacare to essentially make it useless (a la the individual mandate), the Democratic base could be reinvigorated, taking several swing states including with Pennsylvania.

A new study from Pew Center on the States shows Pennsylvania’s total unfunded pension liability was $118 billion at the end of 2010. Republicans in Harrisburg are putting together a plan for state workers to get moved to a 401(K)-style retirement system. Because when everyone suffers, state employees should suffer, too.

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  1. Eric Ryan says:

    shalestuff.com has a ton of information on job employment and news in the Marcellus Shale. Check it all out!

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