Obama Beats Romney in ‘Sugar Daddy’ Poll

Pictured: Not Seeking Arrangement

Pictured: Not Seeking Arrangement

Only because I have a policy of publishing every single Pennsylvania politics poll that ever comes across my desk, always (or when it’s hilarious), it will now be noted that SeekingArrangement.com, America’s “oldest sugar daddy dating website,” has conducted a presidential poll.

The site went state-by-state, asking more than 30,000 women on their website: who would you prefer to be your ‘Sugar Daddy’: Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? And Obama won.

Seeking Arrangement is a corner of the web which matches “Attractive, intelligent, ambitious and goal oriented” women (referred to as ‘Sugar Babies’) with someone “who will pamper you, empower you, and help you mentally, emotionally and financially” (or, ‘Sugar Daddies’). The site also says it has defined “the modern sugar daddy as a gentleman who respects and empowers those he meets.” It also made local news in February when it was found that Temple University women were prolifically using the popular website.

Anyway. According to their non-scientific results (and we can’t stress that enough), Obama beat Romney 20 to 1, “even though Romney is 20 times wealthier than Obama,” notes a press release from the company. And so goes Pennsylvania: Obama beat Romney here, too—38.3 percent to 9.5 percent. Another 38.3 percent chose neither presidential candidate and 13.9 percent said “both.” (We are, after all, a swing state.)

The women in the poll were asked why they chose one or another, and those preferring Obama noted he was “personable, trustworthy and sexy.”

Seeking Arrangement even says their poll may have national implications. “While some may discount our poll results, it may hold clues as to what Romney must do to change his ‘vanilla’ image in order to win over the hearts of minds of voters,” notes a Seeking Arrangement press release, “and more specifically female voters, this November.”

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