Anti-Islam Blogger Receives ‘Liberty Award’ in Philly on July 4th

Anti-Islam blogger and editor of conservative website Atlas Shrugs Pamela Geller was in Philadelphia yesterday at an Independence Hall Tea Party event at the Independence Visitors’ Center. Geller was the featured speaker at the event, which later turned into a panel discussion on the health care Supreme Court ruling.

During the event, which was billed as an ornament to American Exceptonalism, Geller called the United States the “only moral country in the history of man,” noting this is likely because we were founded on individualism.

“American exceptionalism is indivudalism,” she said. “I speak for the smallest minority in the world: The individual.”

She also went on to slam Islamic countries throughout the world later in her speech, calling the media the “enemedia” for not reporting more on Muslim extremism and noting the media was the “largest weapon the enemy has in their arsenal.”

Check out video of Geller’s speech below.

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3 Responses to “ Anti-Islam Blogger Receives ‘Liberty Award’ in Philly on July 4th ”

  1. Philly RN says:

    Is she “anti-Islam” or is she opposed to the denial of human rights under the guise of a new Islamic fascism?

    When there are radical Muslims killing Christians in Nigeria, advocating the killing of Jews in a new Holocaust, destroying holy historic sites in Buddhism, and even in Muslim lands like Mali, where ancient Sufi Muslim sites in Timbuktu were destroyed, is it wise to simply pretend this is just a few Muslims who are not really Muslims but who just call themselves that, behaving badly all over the world?

    How many people have to die, including peaceful Muslims, at the hand of this new Islamic fascism for it to become real to the Left?

    Obama’s most tragic mistake was his full embrace of the human rights abusers the Muslim Brotherhood. He unleashed a dark force that seeks to impose Salafism as the true Islam, a violent intolerant cult-like political movement.

    When is it going to be OK to call this what it is? Doesn’t tolerance of intolerance cancel it out?

  2. Kaba says:

    Ummm…she’s anti-Islam. When someone goes after people who don’t kill Christians in Nigeria, advocate the killing of Jews in a new Holocaust, destroy holy historic sites in Buddhism, and whatever else negative they attribute to Islam simply because they share the same religion as those that do, that makes them anti-Islam.

  3. M.imran.Bh says:

    islamic answer and questionsis site par cilk kar ka dahko kai site ki infromayio hy

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