DAILY GRINDER: City Council Raise Kindly Being Donated—to President Obama

City Council is up for a payraise. Six members—Mark Squilla, Curtis Jones, Darrell Clarke, Bobby Henon, Jim Kenny and David Oh—have announced they’d be either rejecting the raise or giving it away. Kenyatta Johnson, Maria Quiñones-Sánchez, Blondell Reynolds Brown and Bill Green are taking it. But not all those under the “rejecting/giving it away” umbrella are the fiscal watchdogs you might think they are. First off, they’ll still see the cash amount go toward their pension. And in Darrell Clarke’s case, he isn’t exactly giving his money to struggling charities doing God’s work—his cash is going to President Obama’s re-election campaign.

The Boy Scouts of America have decided to continue their super progressive policy of excluding gay people from being members or leaders. That is, since the “vast majority of the parents of youth value their right to address issues of same-sex orientation within their family, with spiritual advisers, and at the appropriate time and in the right setting,” according to the Scouts’ chief executive Bob Mazzuca. Mayor Nutter and the city of Philadelphia are not happy about this. Me, I’m just satisfied knowing no member of the Boy Scouts has ever been gay. The policy is solid.

City Council staffer Nancy Gonzalez has been arrested for allegedly stealing from Iris Galarza, an elderly woman under her care. According to reports, she’s been collecting the woman’s Social Security checks as Galarza’s living conditions have been getting worse; and has been accused of staling the woman’s checks.

New Republican City Commissioner Al Schmidt released a study yesterday in which he says he found between 200 and 1,000 irregular votes cast in the 2012 primary elections. Stephanie Singer, the other freshman Commissioner, said the study didn’t show conclusive evidence and was released this week to influence the media before the Voter ID trial (Schmidt’s report has already gone national). Schmidt also says that the new Voter ID law would help the situation. The Philadelphia Republican party, of which Scmidt is a part, has regularly complained of dead citizens and illegal aliens voting.

Voters over 80 years are likely to be hit hard under the new ID law—and the AARP will rally against the bill  today at the People’s Plaza.

A surveillance video released
by police yesterday shows a man attempting, and failing, to capture a 4-year old girl. A $10,000 reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction. Mayor Nutter says he wants “this creep of our streets immediately.” The video, uploaded to the Philadelphia Police Department’s YouTube page, has since been removed.

Senator Bob Casey’s got another bill. This one, likely supported by President Barack Obama, would penalize companies that send call center jobs overseas. Good idea, sure, but aren’t most call centers already overseas?

We can assume this bill will go nowhere. And not because it’s a bad idea; because Bob Casey’s bills never go anywhere. His opponent Tom Smith has created a new website called Senator Zero, in which he notes that of the 324 bills Casey has sponsored since 2007, none of them have become law. None of them! Although we probably could have told you that without any sort of study. Considering the dude has taken on Robotripping.

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