DAILY GRINDER: Philly Black Republicans Slam Biden Over ‘Chains’ Comment

A newish local group called the Philadelphia Republicans of Color held a press conference yesterday in which they derided Joe Biden’s newest gaffe, in which he said Republicans want to put the audience he was speaking to back in chains. The comments are similar to some used by Republicans (Romney has said he wants to “unshackle” the economy, or something) but Biden’s remarks drew a torrent of Republican criticism and outrageous outrage from websites like the Drudge Report and Fox News. Former crossdressing mayor Rudy Guiliani even suggested Biden wasn’t mentally fit to serve anymore! Sarah Palin, now acting as a Democratic strategist for President Obama’s re-election campaign, said he should drop Biden for Hillary Clinton in light of the comments.

Anyway. The Philly event was attended by 2nd District U.S. Congressional candidate Robert Allen Mansfield, who we’ve written about at PW several times in the recent past. Mansfield used the opportunity to note who the Vice President should really unshackle. Namely: School kids not offered vouchers, businesses from Obama-era regulations, and “American veterans from unconsciously long waits for basic services and settlements of claims.” He added, regarding the Affordable Care Act: “We need to unchain the ACA from the old Soviet-style IPAB where non-medical bureaucrats will make life and death decisions.”

[Biden now claims he meant to use the word “shackles,” not “chains.” Obama says he supports the comment.]

With all the talk about an electrocution death on the SEPTA tracks yesterday, what you may have missed is the SEPTA regional rail conductor who saved a 3-year-old girl who fell onto the tracks after slipping between the platform and the Manayunk Line train earlier this week. The conductor actually cracked open the train’s trap door and went down to the tracks to get her, leaving everyone with a sigh of relief. The conductor then descended back into anonymity, probably with a quiet tip of the cap and a wink.

Did you know the Philadelphia Archdiocese owns a big seminary they call the Mary Immaculate Center, and have since 1996? Well, now you do. And now you know they’re selling it to deal with their debt, which stems from legal fees related to covering up all the child molesters who’ve embedded themselves in the church, ruined a bunch of kids’ lives, and were then kept out of jail with help from the church leadership.

Republican Senatorial challenger Tom Smith has a new ad buy in the Philadelphia area, in which he will begin showing us, part of the likely 60+ percent of PA voters who will not vote for him—or have heard of him by the election—all his stuff about, like, jobs and spending, and taxes, and not being a career politician, and how coal is the technology of the future; all really cool stuff we’ve never heard about before.

Democratic Rep. Joseph Brennan of Lehigh County (and former chief of staff for TJ Rooney, who went on to become PA Dem Party head) allegedly choked, punched, and wrestled his wife to the ground outside his house yesterday. Then he drove off in the family car, only to be pulled over for driving drunk. This is his second DUI arrest in as many years. Well, at least he’s a really, really good legislator. (Like, the best!) That’s the only way the voters would tolerate such foolhardiness, right?

A new Franklin and Marshall poll shows President Obama leading Mitt Romney 44 percent-38 percent.

The $500 thousand Pennsylvania program which helped low-income workers prepare their taxes for free? It’s officially been defunded! That’ll show ‘em!

5 Responses to “ DAILY GRINDER: Philly Black Republicans Slam Biden Over ‘Chains’ Comment ”

  1. CallowhillResident says:

    Philadelphia Republicans of Color? That’s almost as bad as Gay Republicans. Two groups that the Republican party barely acknowledges or in the case of gay people, ostracizes and marginalizes.

    I’m always stupefied when someone who’s not white, male and wealthy is Republican.

  2. Philly RN says:

    Only rightwing religious members of the GOP contest the Log Cabin Republicans, the gay supporting wing of the GOP.

    I predict that the LCRs will take over precedence some day. They already have in Philly.

    The Philly Reps of Color also helped put up this movie, which is playing here, and it is a powerful indictment of the liberal myth of urban betterment on federal support:


    The Dems take their eye off the ball at their own peril.

  3. Philly RN says:

    Also I didn’t see one review of this powerful movie, also, which goes to show you how upsetting it is to those who lean Democrat:


    Why are blacks doing worse than they have ever under Jim Crow? Why is the black family coming apart? What role does welfare have in that?

    The Philly Republicans of Color are leading critics of the 40 year long held myths that are not delivering.

    They’re asking a simple question — when are we going to stop doing what doesn’t work?

  4. CallowhillResident says:

    @PHILLY RN: I’ll have to check out this movie.

    First, I understand why LCR, exists. I’d be loathe to be one of them at this point. They claim to want to work from the inside, but the way most republican candidates pander to that right wing religious base, I’d prefer to fight against the denial of our rights from a more supportive party. Because of this, in a federal election I can’t vote republican.

    I don’t think Welfare has been a good thing at all. The less liberal part of me thinks that maybe people need to take responsibility for their own actions. Having children for fatter welfare checks is unbelievable. Then, those kids are turned out without any good parenting and the cycle continues.

    I do see a point of it, however. Sometimes, someone needs a hand getting on his/her feet. It should be very limited, much like unemployment and there should be drug testing and stronger welfare to work requirements.

  5. Edward Holmes says:

    In your artical Republicans Slam Biden over Chains Comment, you stated Sahra Palin, is now a strategist for the Democratic Party for the re- election of President Obama. Is that correct? Somehow, I think that fact is incorrect. Please clarify…

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