DAILY GRINDER: Twitter Analysis Shows Philadelphians Rudest in Country

An online project monitored places in which people say “Fuck you,” and places in which people say “Good morning” for 10 days and found—surprise!—Philadelphia is the rudest place in the country. We are always saying fuck you, apparently. You know where they don’t say “fuck you” on Twitter very much? Montana. Check out the state map here.

Philadelphia’s new tripped out, whack zoning code debuted yesterday. This is the first update in over 50 years and has been written, it is said, for the average person to understand. Although the average person isn’t reading too much about zoning, wethinks. “The new code is designed to be understandable to the average person, who’s going to use the zoning once or twice in their life, when they want to put a deck on (for example) or repair their shed kitchen,” noted Eva Gladstein, executive director of the commission that rewrote the code.

Alleged drunk-driving, wife-beating, all around questionable person state Rep. Joseph Brennan of Lehigh County wants his name off the ballot in November. Brennan was arrested on August 15 of the above crimes, and was released on bail under the condition that he stay away from his wife. He issued a statement, too! “Those of us in recovery understand that there is no perfection. Recovery is a daily struggle and one cannot afford to let his or her guard down. I continue to work on my recovery day by day. It is the hardest thing I have had to do in my life. As I continue this process, it will be better for me and my family to not also have to deal with the challenges of a political campaign…” etc. He’ll keep his job until his current term is done, thank you very much.

Democratic Pennsylvania Attorney General candidate Kathleen Kane (remember her? Remember that race?) is using the Corbett Administration’s own accusations against them—only to find her opponent in the AG race used the same original Corbett accusations against her! (What??) OK, here: The Corbett Administration accused the Department of Justice of playing politics when it asked for information on the state’s Voter ID law. Then, they decided to try to delay the Supreme Court appeal. In light of that, Kane accused the Corbett Administration of playing politics. Now Kane’s opponent, Republican David Freed, is accusing Kane of playing politics. This politics game everyone’s playing, it sounds exhausting!

Congressman Bob Brady has called on the city’s 69 ward leaders to meet noon Monday at Finnegan’s Wake… “To discuss Voter ID.” This is either a concocted lie to get drunk or these people don’t understand bar etiquette.

A study shows that Pennsylvania’s lack of a severance tax on Marcellus Shale drilling has cost the state about $500 million since 2009. I know I feel much better knowing we don’t tax natural gas.

Over a 15-month period, Obama took in $4.3 million from individual donors in the 8-county Greater Philadelphia region, while his opponent, Republican Mitt Romney, has taken in just $3 million.

3 Responses to “ DAILY GRINDER: Twitter Analysis Shows Philadelphians Rudest in Country ”

  1. cookie says:

    We don’t do tweeting, but know how popular it is…
    We moved to PA a year ago from NY and found the opposite was true,
    Philadelphians are as polite as we have ever seen in ANY city. That report is just
    stupid and so are the people who did the survey.

  2. tom says:

    sincerely, guy from Philly

  3. melly says:

    Oh, wow, Twitter used as the only data output! Oh it MUST be true!
    Say a Zebra is a lizard enough and you better bet it will be laying eggs by Monday according to this site.

    Slow news day, friend?

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