Watch Sarah Silverman’s Voter ID PSA, Featuring PA Rep. Turzai

silvermanturzaiComedienne Sarah Silverman has released a raunchy PSA regarding voter ID laws. “Hey black people, old people, poor people and students,” she says in the beginning of the video, “guess what you all have in common? Lawmakers are trying to fuck you in your assholes.”

And there is a point: She then goes on to say new voter ID laws, like that in Pennsylvania, are designed to disenfranchise blocs of voters which typically vote Democratic, not that politicians are literally trying to fuck our assholes. Thereafter, we learn about Voter ID laws throughout the country and how weird they are.

And, since he’s become the face of Voter ID disenfranchisement, state Rep. Mike Turzai’s in there, saying the magic words that will be associated with him via Google until kingdom come: “Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done.”

Silverman made the ad to promote, which provides information about Voter ID laws and resources to learn how to get a new ID. The website links to the Cost of Freedom, which is a project of local voter activist Faye Anderson, whom we’ve interviewed about this issue several times at PW. Watch the ad:

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2 Responses to “ Watch Sarah Silverman’s Voter ID PSA, Featuring PA Rep. Turzai ”

  1. electedface says:

    There is nothing wrong with requiring a voter ID.


    There IS something wrong with implementing this new law 9 months before a presidential election. If voter fraud was so rampant in the last election, why didn’t the GOP rush to pass this law immediately after the 2008 election? Wait until the 2016 election to impose this, that way it will give people 4 years to get their act together, and THEN you can give them the ‘you have no excuse’ treatment.

    Watch the video and sign the petition to end Voter Suppression.

  2. Andrew says:

    Sarah Silverman may be a woman but she’s no lady.

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