DAILY GRINDER: Voter ID Decision Today

A decision in the Voter ID case is due today—and no matter what Judge Robert Simpson decides this time, it is not over. Not even close! The best he can do is delay the law, not destroy it. The law was passed back to him by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and they asked him to look at it under a new standard. I’m busy as hell this morning and may miss the announcement. I recommend you follow “Teh Twitterz” or KeystoneReport.com, as they’re always good at getting state news up in the timeliest of fashions.

In light of the viral video of Philadelphia Police Lt. Jonathan Josey II (and one-time potential Daily News Sexy Single) hitting a woman in the face at Sunday’s Puerto Rican Day festivities, the Philadelphia Police Dept. “are asking that any person(s) that attended the festivities and witnessed the incident on 5th & Lehigh Avenue to call Internal Affairs,” according to an emailed statement.

You know how you know the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race might actually be competitive? Bob Casey is releasing ads saying more than just “I’m awesome and here are some bikers that think that, too.” He’s actually hitting his opponent, “Tea Party Tom Smith,” on the issues. Smith has repeatedly nailed Casey on the fact that he’s never co-sponsored anything that’s become law. He calls Casey “Senator Zero.”

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Despite the polls, campaign aides are saying Mitt Romney is not giving up on Pennsylvania, according to Politico.

Yesterday, the Patriot News quoted Pennsylvania GOP Chairman Rob Gleason saying that Mitt Romney could “be anything you want him to be,” and we realized it was pretty similar to  the Etch-a-Sketch smear thrown at Romney by his rivals during the primary. The Pennsylvania Democratic Party jumped on this, releasing its own statement in response, in part: “Mitt Romney tries to be all things to all people, but few know what he actually stands for.”

The Kensington “Millionaire slumlord” Robert Coyle pleaded guilty yesterday to two counts of loan fraud.

Not News: I will very likely be live-Tweeting my time at the Philadelphia Parking Authority today, beginning around 12:30 p.m., because that totally needs to happen (and I got a bullshit parking ticket). Follow me: @RandyLoBasso

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