You Can Vote In November Without ID

voteridpicCommonwealth Court Judge Robert E. Simpson Jr. offered his ruling on Voter ID today—again. Except this time, he decided to stay the execution of the law, rather than upholding it. The law will not be required come November. Rather, it will be conducted via a “soft rollout.” Which means it’s not really time for anti-ID activists to begin celebrating, yet.

“I reject the underlying assertion that the offending activity is the request to produce photo ID; instead, I conclude that the salient offending conduct is voter disenfranchisement,” the judge noted. However, time is needed to extend “the express transition provisions of Act 18 through the general election.” His order will also allow election workers to ask for identification in November, but voters will not be required to show it. Read Tara Murtha’s ADD-friendly summary of the decision here.

As noted at Keystone Politics, Judge Simpson, if you’re to believe the right-wing talking points that’ve been spread regarding this issue, has decided “to let ACORN and the New Black Panthers … steal one more election”—since much of the rhetoric surrounding Voter ID actually assumed Democrats have only won elections in Pennsylvania due to voter fraud, since 1992.

There were problems from the beginning on behalf of the government preparing and executing the necessary actions to get this thing done. And the rules kept changing, which only created more confusion around the law. Nevertheless, as it stands, Voter ID will become law in Pennsylvania. It’s just a matter of when.

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  1. Max Richardson says:

    Nothing like legislating from the bench. Even though the US Supreme Court has declared voter ID to be Constitutional, and is used in 20-odd US States currently, it is not legal in PA? Or at least it’s not legal THIS election, because even though it’s legal it’ll take people YEARS to figure out how to get their photo id or vote provisionaly without it.

    Nice way to steal an election by re-opening the fraud gates. How about we play fair and have a real election instead? Because then the powers that be would not win. So much for Democracy. Another win for the Democratic Machine which continutes to make PA miserable and broke.

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