Philly Cop’s Face-Punch “Standard Police Practice,” According to Iranian TV News

After breaking on Raw Story Monday, video of a Philadelphia police officer slugging a woman in a face during Puerto Rican Day revelry went viral, picked up by the likes of Gawker, CNN and Huffington Post. The video went international too, posted at The Guardian and—Press TV?

Press TV is Iran’s English-language 24-hour news program owned by the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, based in Tehran, Iran.

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The headline reads: “US police treat black people harshly.” While that is arguably true in general, the punchee in this particular video is a Latina woman and the cop is an African-American (and noted self-nominated Daily News “Sexy Single) identified as Lt. Jonathan Josey II.

The Press TV correspondent cuts to Sara Flanders, of the International Action Center, a group Flanders described in an unrelated interview as a “popular organization” that “opposes … US policy, opposes US wars, and the US militarism around the world.” Asked what she makes of the video, Flanders says, “This is almost standard police practice, all the time. I want to say the times when police abuse someone, beat them, kick them, knock them is really common practice in the U.S.”

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