DAILY GRINDER: Apocalypse Romney

whodoesfoxlikethiselectionWhat part of Romney’s campaign saying they’re not going to let fact-checkers stand in their way didn’t Obama understand? Most of the Washington garbage heap are saying Romney won last night’s debate—and who cares he didn’t offer any substance? He was nuts. The Obama campaign responded by sending out scores of “Fact checks” last night—and yet. Fact check this: Romney gave the media the red meat they wanted. And the ability to say the horserace is alive.

Since the media consensus is ‘Mitt Romney won because he lied and Obama didn’t call out said lies,’ does that mean leadership means saying anything, always?

Excited to see what, if any, change comes out of the Pennsylvania polls, or if the Romney campaign thinks it has a fighting shot now that CNN’s Undecided Voter panel thinks he won the night.

I watched the debate at the Cavanaugh’s in University City (which became oh! so! douchy! once the debate crowd left) with local Republicans. And I livetweeted some of it, which you can view, if you’d like (because I was the only person on the Internet livetweeting) here.

Here’s a really good complete fact-check of the debate (although it’s been conducted by a progressive organization, FYI.)

City Council approved stiff penalties for people who ride ATVs on sidewalks and in parklands. I was not there, but the testimony in Council Chambers was called “emotional.” And, reading this stuff, it sort of was. ““It’s so loud inside and outside my house that my three-year-old daughter runs to me shaking when one of these things drives past.  My six-month-old is regularly woken up from her nap when they go roaring down our alley,” one witness told Council.

The execution of Terrance Williams has been halted, at least temporarily.

That didn’t take long. The Philadelphia Police released this statement last night: “Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey has decided to take “Commissioner’s Direct Action” against Police Lieutenant Jonathan Josey for his actions on September 30, 2012, on the 2700 block of North 5th Street. Effective Thursday, October 4, 2012, Lieutenant Jonathan Josey will be suspended for thirty days with the intent to dismiss.”

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  1. Noted University City Douche says:

    Wait, it became douchy after the republicans left?

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