DAILY GRINDER: Libertarian Party Hits Back at Republicans Over Ballot Access

An attorney for Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is attempting to turn the tables on the entire Pennsylvania third party system—by suing the Republicans back. Alicia Dearn, who represents Johnson’s campaign, emailed District Attorney Seth Williams this week regarding concerns over the legal challenge to their campaign. Specifically, the idea that one of the investigators in the firm representing Republicans allegedly pretended to be an FBI agent by flashing a badge. It’s also alleged he offered cash to witnesses who would falsely testify that signatures for the Libertarian candidate were fake.

Mayor Nutter, who says he’s concerned about education and job training in the city, has appointed himself and several others, including aides, to the Board of Trustees at the Community College of Philadelphia. This is leading to speculation amongst some at the school about what will happen to the school’s current leadership, and whether Nutter installing himself means the school may receive more federal money.

Nutter also said he fully supported Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey’s plan to fire Police Lt. Jonathan Josey, who was caught on tape last Sunday punching Aida Guzman of Chester in the face. “Every time I look at [the video], I am appalled, I am sickened, and I am ashamed on behalf of the good men and women of the Philadelphia Police Department,” Nutter said. Ramsey also implied that Josey could face criminal charges. The Fraternal Order of Police is backing Josey.

U.S. unemployment has fallen to 7.8 percent in September, which is the lowest since January 2009. Cue the “OBAMA IS COOKING THE BOOKS!!!!” reactions right…about…

And speaking of things Rush Limbaugh (and Sean Hannity, Drudge, the Daily Caller and Breitabart) will spin later today, a girl in Port Richmond says she received threats after wearing a Mitt Romney t-shirt to school. She said a teacher called wearing the Romney shirt just like wearing a KKK t-shirt. Assuming this story goes national (I believe it will) the teacher is going to also receive some death threats from across the Internet.

The Philadelphia homeland security unit planned for South Philly—one of what they’re actually calling ‘fusion centers’—has barely gotten off the ground since they began spending money on it in 2006. And a bipartisan report out of the Homeland Security Committee in Congress is wondering, you know, what’s up with that.

Here’s a story in the Metro about how it’s become easier to build and live in cities like Philadelphia in recent years.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette recently sued the state over being able to cover elections from inside polling places, noting “It’s observing government and there’s long-standing case law that says the media has the right to observe government in action.” The paper noted they wanted to track the implementation of the Voter ID law, and a ruling is expected today.

Politics PA wonders if Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey is ready to actually take on Republican challenger Tom Smith, who, after getting on TV over the past few months, is actually starting to creep up in the polls.

A Lansdale man claims a stripper ruptured his bladder during a lapdance in Port Richmond. If you’re going to bleed internally, I guess there are worse ways for it to come on.

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