DAILY GRINDER: Nutter Gets Involved in Romney T-shirt Flap at ‘Un-American’ School

She wasn't wearing these. But they exist. And that's weird.

She wasn't wearing these. But they exist. And that's weird.

In case you missed it: A teacher at Charles Carroll High School in Port Richmond is accused of ridiculing one of her students, Samantha Pawlucy, in class for wearing a Mitt Romney t-shirt on ‘Dress down day.’ According to the Inquirer, “Gaymon pointed out the shirt in class, then went into the hallway to call other students and an aide into the room to laugh at the shirt”—which seems like a rational, totally normal thing for an adult to do to a child. Anyway, now Mayor Nutter has gotten involved, making his second end-of-the-week apology to an area resident (the first being Aida Guzman, who was punched in the face by a Philadelphia police officer last Sunday). Pawlucy expects to be back in school tomorrow.

And if that weren’t enough, there’s been a ton of Internet support for Pawlucy, some of which accuses her school of being un-American because of the incident and other so-called anti-American activities. “We have been told there isn’t a single American flag at the school and the Pledge is NEVER recited. This gives you an indication of how far our public education system has fallen,” reads one web flier related to the incident and posted on the website of Northeast Philly Republican Dave Kralle. Pawlucy is going on the Larry Mendte radio show this morning to speak about the incident and a rally for her has already begun at the school.

Yuengling Beer is growing, but in a recent interview, owner Dick Yuengling says future growth may not take place in Pennsylvania. “Pennsylvania is a great location. But it’s not very business-friendly. You look for fair tax breaks, fair taxation. And the bottom line is more jobs. That’s what it’s all about,” he told the Patriot-News. In light of increasing demand for the brewer, which is now the largest American-owned beer in the country, Yuengling said he will probably look to open another site next year.

How do you get lawmakers to crack down on tattoos and piercings through legislation intended for kids who ‘brand’ themselves? You put tattoos, piercings and self-mutilation under the umbrealla term, “human branding.” That’s what State Rep. Keith Gillespie, R-Springettsbury Township is doing. According to a piece in the York Dispatch, Gillespe’s idea to crack down on modification comes from the same place most knee-jerk legislation comes from: One example which the lawmaker will frame as a larger epidemic. “Gillespie said he started working on the bill about two months ago after a conversation with a father of a 14-year-old boy who branded himself twice on the torso with a red-hot three-inch nail under the instructions of an 18-year-old man during a sleepover.”

And in case you need proof that Philadelphians are giving less of a fuck than before: a new study shows we lead the country in ‘sweat suit’ purchases. And the guy who conducted the study had the audacity to say, “Maybe people wear sweats because they’re more physically active and have more activities.” We all know that isn’t true.

A fight broke out at a wedding on Dock Street this weekend. Three people were arrested and one man died after suffering a heart attack.

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