DAILY GRINDER: Romney T-Shirt Story Being Exploited for Campaigns, School Choice


Let’s talk about the Mitt Romney T-shirt outragicide!

But first, let it be known that if you post the personal contact information of the teacher accused of mocking the student in Port Richmond for wearing the Mitt Romney T-shirt—or anyone else’s personal information, with the intention of that person being harassed, as several people tried to do last night—on this blog, your comment will be deleted.

Here is the T-shirt story background.

Mayor Nutter, as you may have heard, apologized to the girl’s family.

A rally is going on right now for said girl with said shirt. That’s a nice way to start the school day. A state Rep. candidate is heroically using the rally for his own political purposes.

If other kids at the school pretend to care, and join the rally, do they get to miss class without consequences?

Breitbart is using the story to argue for school choice! Their reasoning: The girl’s parent’s want to take her out of Charles Carroll High School at which she was harassed, but can’t, because teachers’ unions and Democrats.  Seems like a good time to bring that up. Because why not?

The teacher at the center of the incident has been reassigned—and if she did what they say, that’s a good thing. The school released a statement which reads, in part: “The Carroll High School community – students, teachers, administrators, parents and neighbors – recently has been pulled into an argument that drove a wedge between families, friends and classmates. This has been disruptive and hurtful for a school whose success is drawn from its diverse and close-knit student body. And it has been particularly distressing to the Pawlucy family, whose daughter was targeted for simply expressing herself by wearing a t-shirt.”

Calling all bullshit: In September, the Pennsylvania Republican Party commissioned a poll, which was conducted by Susquehanna Polling and Research, and it found Romney down just one point! …Except it was pretty much ignored, because it was internal. Now that Romney had his big debate last week, Susquehanna has a new poll out and—lo!Romney is still very close. Only now, we pay attention to it, because!

Jackass star person Bam Margera is sorry for holding a fake gun to a dog’s head for a picture.

Former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky could be sentenced to more than 218 years in prison today. He still says he’s innocent.

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  1. Marcus says:

    I hope I never accidentally click to this page again. Wow. Would love to have that wasted time back. Deep, deep stuff you’ve written. If you went to college for this, demand your money back.

  2. Hatmara says:

    Are you saying the teacher was wrong or right?

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