U.S. Congressional Candidate Boockvar Responds to Mumia Smear Attacks

Kathy Boockvar (D-PA)

U.S. Congressional candidate Kathy Boockvar (D-PA)

U.S. Congressional candidate Kathy Boockvar held a press conference in Philadelphia yesterday alongside former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell and Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams to denounce a website and attack mailer which oddly link the candidate to infamous Philly cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

The mailer and accompanying website, a Tumbler page titled ‘Radical Kathy,’ were created by the Republican National Campaign Committee. They additionally link Boockvar to violent protests in Egypt, Occupy Wall Street, drug-addicted mothers, ACORN, and “The Banana Boat Song” singer Harry Belafonte.

“I’m running for Congress in part because of how low the level of political discourse has deteriorated,” noted Boockvar, who is running in the Eighth Congressional district in Bucks County. “This is an example of what’s wrong with politics today and government today.”

Boockvar, Rendell and Williams all cited the ad as ridiculous and noted that Boockvar has never met Abu-Jamal. They called it guilt by association since the link is actually through someone a member of her husband’s law firm once represented.

“It’s politics that has all sorts of overtones,” said Rendell of the attack. “It’s sleazy. It made me disgusted with my profession. I am a lifelong politician. I say that in most cases proudly but these types of attacks are absolutely disgusting.”

Rendell called Fitzpatrick’s refusal to speak up against these ads “my definition of cowardice.”

He also compared the Bucks Republican to Sen. Joe McCarthy, who was partly responsible for the “Red Scare” of the 50s.

“Sen. McCarthy … made his bones by guilt by association,” said Rendell, additionally noting putting Abu-Jamal’s picture on the mailer associated with the ‘Radical Kathy’ website “is an attempt to scare the living daylights out of people … [it’s] going to scare the heck out of suburban voters.”

Regarding some other sections of the website, Boockvar added:  “I’ve never met Harry Belafonte … it says that I want to send children back to their drug addicted mothers [and] … I’ve never actually been to Egypt. The whole website is ludicrous.”

She also denounced Abu-Jamal.

Fitzpatrick has not directly responded to questions on whether or not he agrees with the website. It was announced during the press conference that a ‘Radical Kathy’ Facebook page was recently taken down.

Fitzpatrick’s office did not respond to a request for comment from Philadelphia Weekly.

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  1. SLS says:

    The state of corruption in our government is immense. If you actually look at the acts of Mumia’s case, he should have been given another trial years ago. He would never have been found guilty today. There has been no justice served for the fallen police officer. Only crimes on top of crimes committed against the people. Even now, our elected officials care more about their careers than they do for truth and justice. Without these, we are without a true democracy. Who has the courage to do different. Certainly not Obama nor Romney. These are dark days in America to be sure.

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