WATCH: New Pro-GOP Ads in PA Compare President Obama to a Bad Boyfriend

This morning, PoliticsPA pointed out a series of ads set to run in Pennsylvania and four other states as part of a $7.4 million anti-Obama ad buy. The ads, coming from “pro-GOP” nonprofit Independent Women’s Voice, are designed to appeal to undecided female voters with a history of bad relationships.

The ads liken President Obama to a bad boyfriend. Sometimes, a woman needs her girlfriends to set her straight about her sorry-ass man. “He just keeps spending and spending money we don’t have!” complains a woman in the ad titled “Mr. Dependable.”

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“You’re enabling him,” responds her friend. “Maybe it’s time for Mr. Dependable?” they wonder, as a picture of Mitt Romney smiling* in front of a giant American flag comes into frame.

In “Feeling Guilty,” two ladies commiserate over coffee. “I miss the way he used to make me feel,” sighs one. “Point is,” her friend assures, “he’s not the man you thought he was.” Then the lens cuts to a rendering of Obama’s face re-done as Edvard Munch’s famous The Scream painting.

The last one, helpfully titled “Boyfriend”—for viewers slow to pick up on the theme—is more of the same. Two women cozy up on the couch for a heart-to-heart. Hanging on the wall between them happens to be a terrifyingly altered** version of the iconic Obama “Hope” poster.

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“I trusted him,” says a woman. “Listen,” sympathizes her friend. “We all did.”

The lens zooms in to the face on the poster, which winks at you, the viewer, in conspiratorial darkness.

The ads are amusing on their own, but all more when considered in context of the recent wave of faux outrage peddled by the right in response to Lena Dunham’s pro-Obama ad.

By now, you’ve probably seen the video starring 26-year-old Dunham, writer and director of quirky indie film Tiny Furniture and HBO hit show Girls. In the spot, Dunham appeals to young voters by playfully likening voting for the first time with losing your virginity.

“Your first time shouldn’t be with just anybody,” says Dunham. “You want to do it with a great guy.”

“You don’t want a guy who says, ‘Hey, I’m at the library studying,’ when really he’s out not signing the Lilly Ledbetter Act,” continues Dunham.

Predictably, the right wing went into full faux-outrage mode.

“It’s insulting to women. It looks at women as monolithic sex machines,” bellowed Rush Limbaugh.

National Review’s Kathryn Jean Lopez opined that the ad was evidence that the Obama administration “thinks that all women care about is mandated birth control, abortion, and sterilization coverage.”

Red State warned readers that Obama has “asked for your daughters” and then passive-aggressively noted that really, they weren’t surprised, given Dunham was raised in “an over-sexualized household” and “started therapy at age 7.”

John Nolte of Brietbart News called the ad “disgusting.”

So, how marginally more or less offensive is comparing Obama to a bad boyfriend than comparing the act of voting to sex? We’ll wait to hear from the right-wing spin machine, which, curiously, hasn’t started screaming about these ads yet.

*Note some poor graphic designer actually had to “fresh-make” Romney by adding a fake sparkling glint to his tooth and eye. Take note at 00:28.

**That is not President Obama’s face. How do you think it’s been altered? Tell us in the comments.

2 Responses to “ WATCH: New Pro-GOP Ads in PA Compare President Obama to a Bad Boyfriend ”

  1. Christine says:

    It’s fairly obvious to anyone with a brain that calling someone a bad boyfriend because of his spendthrift ways is infinitely less juvenile and insulting to women than to appeal to our love of the ‘first time’ and equating that with voting. Since people have given their lives to protect the vote, it’s beyond ridiculous to pretend that associating it with losing your virginity (ooh baby, ooh yeah, punch my butterfly ballot please!) is respectable.

  2. brendancalling says:

    So much to unpack from the comment above, from the notion that a couple in a 4 year relationship isn’t having sex, to the fundamental misunderstanding of how the economy works, to the porno-movie non-sequitor (does ANYONE say things like that?)

    But really it boils down to “Shorter Christine: ‘it’s OK when Republicans trivialize the female vote.’”
    And that’s exactly as it should be, since Republicans in general trivialize women’s issues, whether it’s equal pay, reproductive rights, or family policies.

    And speaking of spendthrifts, which administration was it that started two wars on the national credit card, implemented an unpaid-for drug benefit to Medicare, squandered our surplus with tax cuts for the rich, and bailed out Wall Street (again, unpaid for)? Which administration was that? And which party held control of congress and the senate?

    Yeah, tell me ALL ABOUT the spendthrifts.

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