Americans for Prosperity, Backed by the Koch Brothers, Buy Pennsylvania Ad Time

The list of right-wing groups coming into Pennsylvania during the final week keeps growing. Now, as the New York Times reports, Koch Brothers-backed Americans for Prosperity is getting on the air, spending $1.5 million for commercials criticizing President Obama.

One of the ads, titled “Has President Obama Earned Your Vote?,” features three Americans speaking vaguely of having supported the president in 2008, though they will not support him again in 2012. “The president has not earned re-election in my book,” says Maria, who “voted for President Obama,” according to the ad. She thought he would bring “new jobs, not major layoffs, not people going through major foreclosure on their homes,” she says. Watch it:

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The other, more bluntly titled, “We Must Replace President Obama,” features Shona Holmes, “a Canadian,” according to the ad, who says government-run health care in Canada failed her, so she came to the U.S. for help. “Under President Obama, America’s health care is becoming more like the Canadian system that failed Shona,” reads the ad with the woman’s voice-over. Watch it:

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Of course, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is not too similar to the Canadian health care system. And every system in the world will find a horror story. But whatever. This is what they’re going for.

Back in late August, it was announced that Americans for Prosperity was pulling out of Pennsylvania after running some commercials throughout the state. The ad buy is part of a pattern of right-wing groups moving into Pennsylvania over the final week of the campaign, either thinking we can be convinced to change our minds, or forcing the Obama Campaign to spend their own money in the state, too. This tactic by the Romney campaign and affiliated groups has been referred to as either “desperate” by some Democrats or the Romney camp “plunging onto Democratic turf,” by at least one GOP-centric news site.

A new Pennsylvania poll was released today by F&M polling. It shows Obama leading Romney 48 percent to 44 percent. Though Obama leads the poll, it has tightened since September, when F&M found Obama with an 11-point lead. Though tightening is bound to happen at the end of any election season. Obama’s job approval in Pennsylvania differs from his numbers nationally—he’s in the negative: 46 percent approve, 53 percent disapprove. Nationally, Gallup has found Americans approve of the president’s job performance: 51-44.

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