Politicians Tout Hurricane Bipartisanship in Philly

A news conference was held this afternoon regarding Hurricane Sandy’s damage to the city and region. Among those present were Mayor Michael Nutter, Governor Tom Corbett, Congressman Bob Brady, Fire Commissioner Ayers, and others. They gave a brief on where the area stands right now and managed to pat each other on the back for working in such a bipartisan manner.

“This is not an ‘R’ and ‘D’ issue,” said Congressman Bob Brady. “It’s a shame we have to have a catastrophe to demonstrate that.”

Brady and the others at the news conference noted the response to Hurricane Sandy, which struck the northeast coast Monday and Tuesday, was a demonstration in working together, not along party lines.

“The governor has been responsive all through this tragedy,” Brady continued. “I’m proud of my governor and I’m proud of my mayor.”

President Obama has been touring New Jersey over the last couple days and Republican Governor Chris Christie has been lavishing him with similar praise there. Candidate Mitt Romney’s campaign has been handing out supplies to storm victims in swing states, like Ohio, Virginia and New Hampshire.

Bipartisan praise wasn’t limited to Republicans and Democrats. Philadelphia City Council president Darrell Clarke noted his city rival Mayor Michael Nutter had been doing A-OK, too.

“This has obviously been an unprecedented storm,” he said. You’ve all seen the pictures [and the] livid detail. This is unprecedented.”

Also “unprecedented,” he said, is “the level of cooperation.”

“We are all in this together. These are the times when we must all come together,” said Nutter, noting he’d talked with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg earlier today.

Among the factoids which turned up at today’s press conference: SEPTA is mostly back up and running; regional rail service is still in trouble since they share some tracks with Amtrak. Thirty-one traffic signals are still down in Philadelphia. Thirty-eight thousand-five-hundred are still without power in Philly.

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