DAILY GRINDER: Obama Holds PA Lead, Clinton Coming to Town, Bishops Release Voting Guide

PE1GOV29eFormer President Bill Clinton is all over the state today, rallying support for President Obama. At 10:15 a.m., he’ll be in Pittsburgh; at 2:30 he’s in Blue Bell; at 4 p.m., he’s in Philly, at the Palestra; and at 7:30 p.m. he’s in Scranton. Hide your girlfriends.

Mitt Romney rallied his own supporters in Yardley yesterday. The Secret Service said there were more than 30,000 people in attendance. “The people of America understand that we are taking back the White House,” he told the audience, “because we are going to win Pennsylvania.” Many are claiming this might be evidence Romney’s Hail Mary in Pennsylvania is gaining traction. Others say the Eagles were playing a Monday night game.

One GOP-affiliated poll (conducted by Susquehanna Polling and Research) shows the Pennsylvania race tied at 47 percent. Susquehanna also conducted the only poll in history that showed Romney with a lead—on October 18th.

Every other poll released within the last couple days shows Obama winning by at least two points:

Morning Call: Obama 49, Romney 47
PPP (Dem-affiliated): Obama 52, Romney 46
YouGov: Obama 52, Romney 44

UPDATE 10:56 a.m.: Just got a poll in my email from Angus Reid. It shows Obama winning.

Angus Reid: Obama 51, Romney 47

I believe these are the final polls that’ll be released before the actual election. Which, by the way, you need to get ready for. Because it’s god damn tomorrow! Pick up Philadelphia Weekly in your local yellow box and check out our voting guide. (At the very least, it will tell you how to get to your voting place and what to do if something goes wrong.) There are some people who have attempted to stop some of you from voting this year and others who are banking on you staying home, like many did two years ago. There’s no reason to let them win.

It’s like former Gov. Ed Rendell recently said of Philly voters: “when somebody punches you in the gut, you fight back.”

Anyhow, that above-mentioned Susquehanna poll (which was conducted for the Pittsburgh Tribune Review) also shows Tom Smith about even with Bob Casey. The Smith campaign is touting the poll as proof they, too, might win.

Pennsylvania Catholic bishops have released a long statement regarding the election. Here’s a quote that’s a bit interesting: “Consider today’s aggressive efforts to redefine the nature of marriage, to exclude parental authority in the choice of the best education for their children, and to force Catholic healthcare and social services to end their ministries unless they violate their religious identities through mandated support of practices contrary to the very sanctity of human life.”

SEPTA is loaning 30 buses to NJ Transit, to assist with NJ Transit’s recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

Almost 1 million people in New Jersey are still without power. The state is setting up an email voting system.

In light of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation, Mayor Nutter apparently attempted to get the New York City Marathon moved to Philadelphia. It did not work.

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