DAILY GRINDER: Today’s the Day: Everything You Need to Vote

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First thing’s first: You must vote today. Seriously. As we have often said during elections past, GOTV or STFU. This year is about the president (and two very different visions for the country), but if you live in Philadelphia, you also get to choose your U.S. Congressperson, U.S. Senator and have four ballot questions to answer “yes” or “no” on. Oh, and you may have state legislature candidates to choose from, depending on your district.

Check out Philadelphia Weekly’s voting guide here.

Find your polling place here.

Mayor Nutter supports all four ballot questions you will be voting on today. (Right? You will be voting?)

We got this email from the Committee of Seventy yesterday:

“Many Pennsylvania voters have gotten e-mails telling them that selecting “Straight Democratic Ticket” at the top of their ballot will not register a vote for Barack Obama.

“This is TOTALLY FALSE. Voters who want to vote for every Democrat on the ballot – including Barack Obama – can select “Straight Democratic Ticket.” Voters who want to vote for every Republican on the ballot – including Mitt Romney – can select “Straight Republican Ticket.” The same is true for minority party candidates.”

Gov. Tom Corbett announced yesterday that all Pennsylvania voting stations will be open, in spite of Hurricane Sandy’s moderate devastation on parts of the state. Although some polling sites are going to be moved. So if you live in Bucks County and are reading this, check out where you need to go.

One more time (say it with me): Go vote. You are important in this election.

Now, news:

A “citizen journalist” sent in a tip to Breitbart.com, saying the Community Voters Project in Philadelphia shredded and bagged a number of voter registration forms and “A number of these were for people trying to register as a Republican.” And then there are the comments below the article. I’ve sent an email to CVP and have asked them for comment. I will update here if I hear back.

OMG SHOCK POLL: Another internal Romney poll released to the press and published as news says Romney and Obama are tied in Pennsylvania—just like the internal Pennsylvania GOP polls said. I smell a pattern! Romney’s internals also having him up by one in Ohio and three in New Hampshire, where all nonpartisan polls have him down. If I were a betting man, I’d bet all nonpartisan, independent polls are wrong and the ones conducted by Romney’s campaign are right! …Hey, wait a minute

[DISCLAIMER: These internal polls could be proven correct if you do not vote.]

There is one more nonpartisan poll that’s been released in Pennsylvania.

Pulse Opinion PA: Obama 49, Romney 46

The same poll shows Bob Casey over Tom Smith, 46-45.

Mitt Romney will be visiting Pittsburgh and Cleveland today.

Yesterday, Clinton toured the state — and was in Philly. We hear it was fun.

Meanwhile, former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and former actor Jon Voight campaigned for Romney in Scranton. Can you imagine two more vile people sharing a room together?

Michael Vick’s brother, Marcus, has requested the Eagles trade their starting quarterback. And after last night’s (and, this year’s) performance by the offensive line, I don’t blame him.

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