Election Day Afternoon Grinder

Maybe I’ve been going to the wrong polling places, but everyone I’ve talked to about Voter ID today (as they were walking outside) said they were asked for photo identification and either showed it or refused. If they refused, there were no problems. But those were just the people I spoke with.

Elsewhere, it was a different story. Complaints about Voter ID have been coming from a variety of places—not the least of which have been people tweeting me and Philadelphia Weekly on Teh Twitterz. According to a Talking Points Memo report: “We’ve definitely gotten reports about voters being turned away,” Eric Marshall, co-director of the Election Protection coalition, told TPM. “We’ve had reports of people who have shown up, been asked, and when they didn’t show ID they were turned away.”

Which makes sense,
considering if you don’t know the law or the rationale behind it, the gray area in which Voter ID currently lives is a bit irrational.

Meanwhile, a bunch of people who use Instagram to make their camera photos look professional, or old. But it turns out if you take a picture in the voting booth in some states, that could be a very bad thing, and you could get in trouble. Gizmodo has a list of all restrictions on voting photography. For Pennsylvania, they note: Pennsylvania: A voter is prohibited from revealing a “ballot or the face of the voting machine voted by him to be seen by any person with the apparent intention of letting it be known how he is about to vote.

Some people who took a widely-circulated video of a voting machine changing their vote from Obama to Romney could be in trouble. Oh, right, background: Someone shot video in Central Pennsylvania of their voting machine malfunctioning, and changing their vote from Obama to Romney. The Pennsylvania Department of State says that one machine, in Perry County, was malfunctioning. It was removed, fixed and returned to service. “It happened one time,” Ron Ruman, spokesman for the Dept. of State, told the New York Times.

But some registered voters are saying they’re being forced to cast provisional ballots since their names aren’t on the books. Provisional ballots may take a week to count.

Members of the Philadelphia Republican Party are claiming they were getting kicked out of wards while watching polls (and providing a list of the wards in question.)

Voters at the Benjamin Franklin Elementary School in Northeast Philly were greeted by a large mural of President Barack Obama next to some voting machines. Members of the state Republican Party cried foul and got a judge to order the mural covered up.

And look at the very hilarious way it has been covered.

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