Philly Community Voter Project Calls Breitbart Garbage Story “False”

The Community Voter Project in Philadelphia is denying a report at which claims a “citizen journalist” found numerous registration forms outside a CVP office which were shredded and thrown away, some of which “were for people trying to register as a Republican.”

Yesterday, right-wing news site reported an unnamed citizen found “a large bag of trash outside the CVP office in Philadelphia. Glancing at it, the citizen saw what looked like shredded registration forms,” according to reporter Mike Flynn.

The citizen took photos of some of the forms close-up, which had the Republican box checked. The writer refers to CVP as a “lefty organization” that “applaud themselves for ensuring that any eligible citizen is able to register and vote,” then says, based on the photographic evidence and the group’s former affiliation with ACORN, “it isn’t really about extending the voting franchise. Its about electing Democrats.” He also hypothesizes that CVP will face “indictments and possible criminal proceedings” from the found trash.

We caught up with Brad Martin of the Community Voters Project. He says both the story and accusations within it are false.

“Mike Flynn’s story is, as he notes – based on garbage,” says Martin.

The shreddings, rather, are photocopies that didn’t turn out correct, he says.

“As a part of our quality control system all voter registration forms are photocopied and secured under lock and key before the actual form is turned in to the county registrar,” continues Martin. “In making photocopies of forms, a number of the photocopies were poor quality or unusable.  It appears that by digging through our garbage Mr. Flynn acquired these photocopies which were shredded.”

Martin also notes all completed voter registration forms were turned into the county registrar. “CVP’s mission is to help register African American and Latino voters, regardless of party,” he says. “We take our work very seriously. The Community Voters Project follows all laws and maintains a thorough quality control program based on rigorous training and tight tracking and control of all voter registration forms used in the program.”

3 Responses to “ Philly Community Voter Project Calls Breitbart Garbage Story “False” ”

  1. Frank Rizzo says:

    Oh sure, they just happened to all be Republican registrations. What a fluke that only those weren’t “photocopied” accurately.

  2. ANNA says:

    I call BS on the CVP! I worked in one of the polling places yesterday as a Republican official and I saw SO MUCH fraud and dirty tricks it was unbelievable. Rules blatantly broken and I was outright lied to by a worker, saying it was “legal”.

    The Democrats are THE most corrupt party EVER. I know this firsthand going back to the 1960s when my family members were Dem ward leaders and committeepeople.

  3. Great article and well explained.Thank you.

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