DAILY GRINDER: Nutter Staying in Philly Despite ‘Rumors’ Otherwise

"You're awesome." "No, you're awesome."

"You're awesome." "No, you're awesome."

Mayor Michael Nutter told reporters he is staying in Philadelphia and will finish up his mayoral term. “Absolutely, 100 percent, I’m not going anywhere,” Nutter said outside his office in City Hall.  “I love this job.  I love this city.  I have work still to do.  And I look forward to working with the president in his second term by finishing out my second term.” Mayor Nutter was well-known as one of President Obama’s top mayoral surrogates during the 2012 election season. He often spoke quite poorly of Mitt Romney.

I wrote about this issue in September. Check it out here. Spoiler: It was pretty obvious then, too, the mayor would not be leaving.

You haven’t had to go too far over the last four years to see the national GOP perfecting so-called ‘racist dog whistle’ politics. Whether it was Newt Gingrich calling President Obama the “food stamp president,” Internet rumors/smears about the president being from Kenya or bumper stickers that read, “Don’t Re-Nig in 2012,” psychoticism was never too far away (and many in the GOP are now calling for a change, but we’ll see). That attitude must’ve been felt loud and clear because in some predominantly African-American Philadelphia wards, votes for Obama and Romney were at laughable margins. In the fourth ward, for instance, Obama received 9,955 votes compared to Romney’s 55. Philly Election Results found Obama taking 557,024 votes in the city, compared to Romney’s 91,840. Keep in mind this was also in spite of internal GOP polls released to the press showing Obama and Romney tied in Pennsylvania, and masqueraded as news.

But you know what that means, don’t you? Treachery!

That’s what Pennsylvania House Speaker Sam Smith seems to think, at least. He called Philly’s election results “questionable” and suggested the Philly ballots were rigged. He has no evidence of this, BUT SURE WHY NOT! In fact, he “heard” that more than 90 percent of voters cast ballots in 90 percent of Philly’s precincts! Sounds shady! Except his hearing something happened doesn’t necessarily make it true. In fact, turnout in Philadelphia was about 60 percent and below the statewide average of 65 percent.

Senator Vincent Hughes wasn’t too pleased with the ridiculous comments. “If they believe there was a corruption of the process, then go to court and challenge it. Show the people of Pennsylvania,” Hughes said. “Beyond that, shut up.”


The Daily News is guessing one of five people—Councilmen Jim Kenney and Bill Green, Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown, City Controller Alan Butkovitz and state Sen. Anthony Hardy Williams—will be the next mayor.

During a Restaurant Opportunity Center summit last month, Kenney told an audience of restaurant workers and community leaders, “If I were mayor of the city, we wouldn’t participate with ICE, whatsoever. We wouldn’t be involved in bars. We wouldn’t be doing any of that stuff.”

City Commissioner Stephanie Singer was ousted in her role as the top election official in the city after the new City Commission’s first November election. There were several problems reported throughout the city, with some voters claiming they had to cast provisional ballots instead of having their vote counted immediately. Singer called her ouster (which was voted upon by Republican Commissioner Al Schmidt and Democrat Anthony Clark) “a surprise.” Schmidt and Clark are now co-chairpeople.

On Tuesday, Pennsylvania elected their our first female attorney general, Democrat Kathleen Kane. She’s also the first Democrat AG since the office became an elected one in 1980. “People see politics as a close-knit, good ol’ boy network, and I want to change that starting Day One,” she told the Inquirer.

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