DAILY GRINDER: Philly Columnist Compares Obama Victory to Father’s Death

Philadelphia Daily News columnist Christine Flowers has a new piece out today, in which she mourns President Obama’s decisive victory over Mitt Romney in the presidential election on Tuesday. She does so by making many of the right-wing cookie cutter arguments we’ve been hearing for some time (the president “redistributes” wealth, he forces employers to pay for birth control (and this is bad), etc.), but the weirdest part of the column is actually made at the very beginning: In which she says how she woke up too early the day after the election, and it was worse than her dad dying:

“WHEN I WOKE up Wednesday morning, it was dark. There was something ominous about that midweek morning, something that I hadn’t felt in many years, something that I hadn’t even felt when my father died decades ago. It was sense of intangible, yet visceral, loss.”

Put down the gun and slowly step away… You have lots to live for! Barack Obama is not the liberal liberals pretend to think he is!

The School Reform Commission is borrowing $300 million to keep the city’s schools open. “I couldn’t be more unhappy that we’re in a situation where it’s necessary to do a borrowing for the purposes of merely paying our bills,” School Reform Commission Chair Pedro Ramos said.

U.S. Rep. Bob Brady, who just easily won re-election, has noted he will not allow cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Rather, he has said the U.S. Government should raise taxes on private jet jet fuel.

Bob Brady also wants the city to create its own casino at the foot of the Walt Whitman Bridge. “he city, in Brady’s plan, would bring in an experienced operator to run the casino and use the profits to fund the Philadelphia School District and the underfunded municipal pension plan.” The plan is opposed by Mayor Nutter.
 For obvious reasons.

Anti-Obama casino mogul Steve Wynn is back, too. He’s got a new awesome  idea for a casino in Fishtown, or something, even though there’s already a casino in that part of the city. New scenario: The Delaware Waterfront finally gets developed … but it’s packed with casinos and sad people throwing their money and lives away.

A “video” released on “You Tube” called “Framing Paterno” claims “the media” “framed” “JoePa”—he’s innocent, damn it! The film’s producer, John Ziegler, formerly made a documentary about how “the media” “trashed” Sarah Palin in the 2008 campaign.

And hey, there’s going to be a new TV show about health soon, and they’re looking for FAT PHILADELPHIANS. (May we suggest, uh, opening your front door, and eyes?). According to the email I got: “With cities such as New York making it illegal to sell 16+ oz sugary drinks it’s clear that weight loss in this country has become an epidemic. Nancy Glass Productions is striving to fight this epidemic by creating a new healthy tv show, which will teach viewers how to live life a little bit healthier. We’re still in the casting process of the show and am looking for overweight/unhealthy families in the Greater Philadelphia area.”

Are you and I unhealthy? Sure we are! Here’s our chance to make it big!

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