DAILY GRINDER: Philly Evangelical Group Says After Election, U.S. Deserves ‘Destruction’

repent americaThere’s an evangelical group based in Philly called Repent America and they’re not happy with the way the elections, or the last four years have turned out. So much so, the group, especially its leader Michael Marcavage, think America deserves — how do I put this lightly? — destruction: “The Godless government gospel is contrary to the will and word of God. If our rulers are not expected to follow God’s standard, then whose? Law and government come from God, and He certainly has criteria for how they should function,” Marcavage noted in a statement after the election.

He also noted that President Obama is not just the leader of the free world, but actually God’s punishment, and a warning, for America being so sinny. “Since our elected officials are a reflection of the heart of the people, it is clear that our nation is in desperate need of the preaching of the Gospel…Instead of giving America the destruction that it deserves, God has been patient and merciful in giving us Barack Obama in judgment. He will not, however, hold back His wrath forever.”

In 59 Philadelphia wards, Mitt Romney received zero votes. To outsiders, this might seem a little insane and perhaps voter fraudy, but as this Inquirer article explains (and as is visible to the open eye if you live here), it’s easily believable. And not just because the Obama campaign had an actual presence here (10 offices compared to the Romney campaign’s one)—but because, according to the article, Inquirer reporters knocked on the doors of the so-called Republicans who live in those areas, and many claimed they were not, in fact, Republicans.

It’s illegal to text
and drive throughout Pennsylvania now, but some police claim it’s tough to figure out when someone is actually sending that all-important “LOL” text from behind the wheel.

Workers from Maine are picketing a Hostess plant in Northeast Philadelphia, and the local workers are honoring the picket by not crossing it. The company has imposed contract cuts: An immediate 8 percent wage reduction for workers and additional cuts to wages and benefits by 27 to 32 percent.

And speaking of which, faculty at Pennsylvania’s 14 state universities are set to begin strike authorization votes and are looking for new contracts.

The Philadelphia Daily News has a new look, and you can see it this morning.

The new LGBT-friendly senior housing center in the Gayborhood has broken ground.

Out in Harrisburg, that city’s Occupiers have finally left! After more than an entire year of protesting (sort of) it was the second-longest running protest in the country, though only had a few stragglers left at the end.

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