DAILY GRINDER: Gov. Corbett Thinks GOP Should Not Change Ways

The lede in this CBS story is all you need to know about Gov. Corbett: “Unlike many pundits and even some of his fellow Republicans, Governor Tom Corbett does not believe the GOP must make drastic changes in order to compete in future presidential elections.” Huh? OK, we’ll play along, why not?

Well, he says, President Obama began the election season with a 10-point lead (for some reason). The president also didn’t have a primary and had a better ground game—that is why he won.  What Gov. Corbett had nothing to say about, though, was Democratic House candidates getting more votes than Republicans (both in PA and the U.S.), all statewide races in his own state going to Democrats and liberal issues actually doing better than individual Democratic candidates in the U.S. as a whole (gay marriage was legalized in some states, as was pot, which Corbett calls a “gateway drug.”) But sure, the tough GOP primary in which the eventual candidate had already been crowned the victor by the establishment before it even began: That’s the reason.

Here’s a Politico article about what Jonathan Martin is calling the GOP’s “media cocoon,” and here is a line from it: “The right is suffering from an era of on-demand reality,” is how 30-year-old old think tanker and writer Ben Domenech put it.

Here’s what U.S. Rep. Bob Brady had to say about now-former City Commissioner chairwoman Stephanie Singer: “We had minimum problems, other than the provisional ballots that our commissioner screwed up, but she can’t screw it up no more.”

PoliticsPA has an interesting set of maps which compare how the statewide Democrats fared in Pennsylvania, by county. We swear we’re on our way to not talking about the 2012 election ever again. Just give us some time.

Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick suffered a “pretty significant” concussion in Sunday’s loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

Activists have spent the last few weeks putting knee-high crosses in the grass, in front of City Hall in Camden, New Jersey—in spite of some saying it’s tarnishing the city’s image. They were first planted by an antiviolence group called Stop Trauma on People. Camden’s City Council president said during an interview, “The crosses will not be removed.”

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  1. Anny says:

    The Governor is tactically right, but strategically very wrong. Pa, specifically is running out of White Republicans. They are older and their children and grandchildren are being equally matched or being outnumbered by “Others” demographically.

    Now Republicans must do real outreach just to show up on the playing field. They do get this, (David Oh in Council and Joe Watkins as Chester Upland Recovery Officer as two quick local examples), but they have to do more, not to pander to a group, or give up key Republican principles, or do “Kuumbayah”, but to win and stay relevant.

    There is a large, family oriented, aspirational, ambitious, entreprenuerial group of people who are not white and male who can relate to Republican, conservative values, if presented to them in a way they can relate to. In short, the party has to do more just to….survive.

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