DAILY GRINDER: Gov. Corbett Trails ‘Generic Democrat’ in Re-Election Bid

corbettnewGov. Tom Corbett has announced—surprise!—he will seek re-election in 2014. According to a PPP poll, the governor trails a “generic Democrat” by 10 points today. That might make many of you libs giddy, but know this: it’s hard to put faith in “generic” anything, because candidates are almost never generic. They have a personality, a face, a voice and they they take positions on various issues. Unless we’re talking about Sen. Bob Casey.

The House GOP re-elected Rep. Mike Turzai as majority leader and Rep. Sam Smith as speaker.

A Philadelphia transgender prostitute has been found guilty, and sentenced 25 years, for strangling 49-year-old Michael Brady, stealing his credit cards, and setting his Old City hotel room on fire.

Former Ed Rendell aide Donna Cooper, 54, has been named the executive director of Public Citizens for Children and Youth, a nonprofit that advocates on behalf of kids in the city. Cooper played “a major role” in shaping the former governor’s health care and education agendas while he was in office. PCCY last year fought for a bill in City Council that would have put new requirements on landlords renting apartments with lead paint on the walls.

There’s a plan for the Pennsylvania Turnpike to go all electronic in five years. This would involve getting rid of toll plazas and have tolls either automatically deducted from EZ Pass accounts, or bills will be sent to your house via your license plate. So, those people who haven’t gotten their hands on an EZ Pass over the last 15 years due to privacy concerns, looks like that excuse is gone.

Philadelphia-area lawmakers are saying an agreement over tax increases, budget cuts and the looming “fiscal cliff” is possible. Because anything’s possible.

According to the AFL-CIO, there is another union fight looming in the state: “The Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is trying to get the Governor to reduce the apprentice to journeyman ratio to 1:1 for non-union contractors…This is nothing but another ploy by the ABC to drive down wages even further and gain a competitive advantage through its “race to the bottom” business model. It is nothing more than an effort by a small segment of the construction industry (ABC) to use a government agency to give them an unfair advantage over responsible contractors.” They’re calling on members to contact the governor’s office to stop this.

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