DAILY GRINDER: Nutter Heading to China

On Thursday, Mayor Nutter is going to China with an 11-person delegation that includes representatives with the Philadelphia Orchestra, Fox Chase Cancer Center, Drexel University, the airport and others. Though the large Asian country has become much-maligned during Election Seasons of recent past, that’s all over (for now), and the mayor will talk mutual business opportunities and direct airplane flights with several cities throughout the region. This is his second international trip as mayor.

A South Philly woman named Karla Rojas is among the first to benefit from President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Order, a program he launched in August, which halted the deportation of undocumented immigrants who came across the border as children. Rojas, who came over at 7 years old, recently had a job paying her $3 per hour. The program will get her a Social Security card, driver’s license and work permit, all of which will help her apply for jobs with full pay.

Philadelphia ranks the worst among big cities in stolen phones and other electronic devises.

The Eagles and Carolina Panthers are playing each other tonight. The Charlotte, North Carolina CBS affiliate refers to the Eagles as “dreadful” in their headline—and the Panthers as “woeful.” They’re right! Sounds like it should be a good game.

Three men—York businessman Tom Wolf, Philly millionaire Tom Knox and “state government veteran” John Hanger—all have said they are seriously considering running for governor against Gov. Corbett in 2014. Former U.S. Congressman Joe Sestak, considered a likely candidate, declined to be interviewed for the particular article linked here.

A group called Free the Streets (which was apparently founded through Occupy Philadelphia, last year) brought about 15 people out to protest last night against the killing of Derrick “Browny” Flynn, who was shot by police two weeks ago. Police claim the killing occurred after police struggled to take a gun from him, though some claim witnesses saw a different account.

A special investigative report on Philly Traffic Court has found that political favors are “part of [patronage workers’] job responsibilities.” And according to Christine Soloman, elected to Traffic Court in 2011, special consideration is “just politics.”

Gov. Corbett has been doing his damndest to get a Shell petrochemical plant housed in Southwest Pennsylvania, and the company has until the end of the year to figure out if they’re going to be coming in. The governor is claiming talks with Shell have gone “very, very well,” and the company has said it would prefer a Pennsylvania site, rather than Ohio and West Virginia (so, uh, what’s the holdup?). Gov. Corbett lobbied, and won, a tax break for the company in his latest budget, called the Keystone Opportunity Zone incentive program. So! The gigantic corporation, if it moved in, would not have to pay state or property taxes for 15 years, which seems fair. They’d instead send cash directly to the local school district.

According to Nate Silver, who is NEVER, EVER, wrong, Pennsylvania could be a “path forward” for the Republican Party.

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