Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Comcast Lobbying Against Paid Sick Leave Bill

According to lobbying disclosures required by the city of Philadelphia, both the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce and Comcast Corporation spent the second quarter of 2012 lobbying against a potential paid sick-leave bill. The bill, according to its prime sponsor, Councilman at-Large Bill Greenlee, is now set to be introduced in January 2013, after he’d originally planned a fall release.

The records show the Greater Philadelphia Chamber directly lobbied Councilmembers Bobby Henon, Kenyatta Johnson, David Oh and Mark Squilla, all of whom are freshmen on Council. The organization has additionally spent $2,478 on its direct lobbying, but the money was spent between the paid sick-leave bill and a bill that would amend the occupancy tax in real-estate use.

Comcast spent $32,985 in the first quarter of 2012 lobbying Councilmembers Cindy Bass, Jannie Blackwell, Darrell Clarke, Bill Green, William Greenlee, Bobby Henon, Kenyatta Johnson, Curtis Jones Jr., Jim Kenney, Dennis O’Brien, David Oh, Maria Quiñones-Sánchez, Blondell Reynolds Brown and Marion Tasco against the paid sick-leave bill; and split $42,684 in the second quarter lobbying against the occupancy tax bill and the paid sick-leave bill.

Pathways PA, which organized a meeting on the paid sick-leave bill last week, has been lobbying for the bill’s implementation.

6 Responses to “ Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Comcast Lobbying Against Paid Sick Leave Bill ”

  1. Phil says:

    Can’t be building skyscrapers & taking care of your employees BOTH!

  2. Christine says:

    This may have been interesting if you had included a response from both someone at GPCC and Comcast explaning why they are lobbying against the bill. Telling the public part of a story with no additional background – not very informative. But then again, it does set a great stage for people to complain about skyscrapers. Thanks for that.

  3. Phil says:

    Christine, it’s cause they’re all on the take! Are you one of them?

  4. Bill says:

    As a Comcast employee, I’m a little surprised. Comcast does offer “sick days” otherwise known as “flex days”, plus an industry standard vacation package, along with floating holidays.

  5. Jessica Doyle says:


    This action is specifically offering employees that are part time in ANY business paid sick days. Washington (where I live now, I grew up in Philly) recently just introduced the bill this year – and it’s been a raging success. I work in the food industry, as a manager, and I prefer my part-time employees (most of whom do not have insurance) to have the option to stay home when ill – both because it’s healthier for our customers, but also because it’s healthier for the rest of the workers.

    I don’t know if Comcast offers paid sick days to part-time employees, but many employers do not, which is why this bill is so very needed.

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