DAILY GRINDER: Councilmen Want Hearings on Potential City Casino

Councilmen Kenyatta Johnson and Jim Kenney want to hold hearings on the potential city-linked casinos. “In a letter sent Wednesday to Deputy Mayor Alan Greenberger, Johnson and Kenney said that while they had not endorsed any application for a casino license, they think the Penn National idea should be explored. Greenberger has questioned the legality of such an enterprise,” according to Philly.com.

Philadelphia Deputy City Commissioner Tracey Gordon has been fined $675 by the city Board of Ethics over social media ethics rules. According to Newsworks, “It’s okay to endorse a candidate on Facebook, but it’s a charter violation to link to the candidate’s website,” which Gordon did. The more you know.

Freedom Is Green reminds us that there were 6,895 total marijuana arrests in Philadelphia in 2011, including 4,831 for “marijuana possession.” And in the state of Pennsylvania, there were 26,132 total pot arrests.

Quick fact: There are more marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks in Denver.

Oh man, the Eagles. Am I right? Deadspin has two GIFs that pretty accurately represent last night’s game.

Gov. Tom Corbett on persuasion: It’s hard work!

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is seeking re-election in New Jersey. Makes sense, since after he refused to call Obama the the anti-Christ, who is also incompetent, on Fox News (they only would have accepted that title), his chances of national office as a Republican were sent to hell.

And speaking of Jersey, they’ve finally gotten around to banning fake pot, just like Pennsylvania.

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