DAILY GRINDER: Councilman Kenney Touts Same-Sex Benefits

Councilman Jim Kenney is getting really, really liberal. And openly so. He recently announced that he plans to introduce a bill that would provide a tax credit to businesses that offer benefits to same-sex partners of employees. “It’s good business to create a good working environment for your employees, regardless of their status,” he said of his potential bill. Though he admitted he’s not sure how much the credit would be for or how many businesses would be expected to take advantage of the bill. He also shrugged off critics who wondered if the bill is in preparation for a potential 2015 mayoral bid—which, maybe it is, and that is very cool, considering gay rights were a gigantic wedge issue not long ago. Kenney also recently bashed the city’s immigration laws at a restaurant industry gathering: “whether documented or undocumented, I really don’t care” if they’re here, he said of the city’s immigrant population. He went on: “If I were mayor of the city, we wouldn’t participate with ICE, whatsoever.”

Pictured: Councilman Jim Kenney on Twitter.

Pictured: Councilman Jim Kenney on Twitter.

In amending the city’s zoning code, the whole signage thing is not working out very well. There are currently 50 pages of amendments to overhaul billboard regulations. Alan Greenberger, deputy mayor of economic development, has hilariously called the regulations “a mess.”

Philadelphia is now asking the Third Circuit Court of Appeals to overturn the boy scout headquarter verdict, in which a court found that, despite being a discriminatory organization, the scouts could not be evicted from their Center City headquarters. The scouts have until Christmas Eve to file a response.

Twenty-seven people
were charged in a meth ring which brought the stuff into Pennsylvania from Mexico. According to authorities, about a pound of meth was coming into Philadelphia and Reading every two weeks. We know what you’re wondering: Was it blue? That’s unclear.

Pennsylvania’s secretary of education wants to seek a waiver to get the state out of the No Child Left Behind requirements.

Infection and disease
are on the rise in tattoo parlors, apparently.

PoliticsPA has the full list of the Pennsylvania Society events next weekend. And Philly is well represented. Check it out here.

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  1. montgomery burns says:

    jim kenney is a stand up guy. im a bartender from south philly with no connections to the man other than serving him a dinner. he would have my vote.

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