DAILY GRINDER: Despite Signs of Compromise, PA GOP Says ‘No’ to Tax Hikes

Maybe you heard that some old, cranky GOP Senators and Representatives are thinking about maybe, at some point, possibly opening themselves up to voting for tax increases for the good of the nation? No? Well, yes, it’s happening, maybe! And the mere thought of it has Americans for Tax Reform head Grover Norquist, whose anti-tax pledge those Congresspeople will be violating, just livid. But at least he’s not mad at Pennsylvania’s GOP delegation in the House, they’re being good little boys! Eleven of the 12 members have said they are not open to raising taxes. The only one who may be, is retiring. The others are sticking with the “rich people invest in poor people” talking point: “The economy simply can’t afford the threat of higher tax rates, which endangers investment possibilities, growth incentives and American jobs,” said Rep. Glenn “G.T.” Thompson, of Howard in Centre County.

But there are only three Republicans (and 14 Democrats) on Philadelphia City Council—and that body is considering all sorts of taxes! Like one on hotel rooms, which would charge each visitor who comes to Philadelphia an average of 50 cents more.

This CBS Philly headline reads, “2013 Mummers’ Parade Adds Drag Queens To Fancy Brigades.” Uh, “adds”? Was I missing something at every other Mummers’ Parade I’ve ever been to?

Someone once described the Mummers’ Parade to me as “a nightmare, but it’s fun and you’re drunk.” I always thought that was pretty accurate.

Mayor Nutter has tapped the following nine people as candidates for the Philadelphia Housing Authority Board of Commissioners (descriptions from the Philadelphia Inquirer): Joan Markman, the city’s chief integrity officer; Lynette Brown-Sow, vice president of marketing and communications for Community College of Philadelphia; Nelson Diaz, a former city solicitor, Common Pleas Court judge, and general counsel for HUD; Herbert Wetzel, former executive director of the Redevelopment Authority and now a housing expert for City Council; The Rev. Leslie Callahan, pastor of St. Paul’s Baptist Church in North Philadelphia; The Rev. Bonnie Camarda, director of partnerships for the Salvation Army of Greater Philadelphia; Shellie Jackson, a PHA tenant who lives at the Hill Creek Apartments in the Northeast; Vernell Tate, also a PHA resident and president of the tenant council at the Spring Garden Apartments; Kenneth A. Murphy, a partner at the law firm Drinker Biddle.

The federal government may have contracted an outside firm to paint over a mural of Philly printmaker Dox Thrash at 2442 Cecil B. Moore. Ahh, Gubmint.

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