DAILY GRINDER: Philly Dems Getting Ready to Combat Pa. Lottery Privatization

"The Penn-syl-van-ia LOTT-ER-Y!"

The Penn-syl-van-ia LOTT-ER-Y must die

No shock here: Democrats in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives are not happy about Gov. Tom Corbett’s plans to privatize everything, including the Pennsylvania lottery system (which benefits older Pennsylvanians everyday.) State Sen. Vincent Hughes (D-Philadelphia) said the governor needs to at least come to the General Assembly to talk about it. “We’ve got some very significant concerns about this whole privatization of the (Lottery). The numbers don’t add up,” he said. Corbett’s plan would allow a British company to take control of the state lottery system and would add online games, like keno, because gambling is fantastic.

Michael Vick is hurt, the Eagles suck and it’s possible he will not play for them again. That’s too bad. But what’s really too bad, according to this Philly.com article, is how he is guaranteed $35,000,000 of his $100 million contract. Which means if he were to never play with the Eagles again, he would have earned $24,000 per snap! I know we should be outraged by this, or something, but a) sports money is not real money; athletes don’t get paid the way everyone else does so you can’t compare what they make with anything else, and b) He’s relatively earned it considering with each snap, he’s more likely than most quarterbacks to get destroyed, what with that offensive line and all.

Well, let’s let the mid-state TV affiliate take this one on the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board: “The chairman of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has launched an internal investigation to find out why our state is spending money to promote a certain kind of wine made in California. This, while many wineries in Pennsylvania get no help from the L.C.B. at all.”

Councilman Mark Squilla wants to change the permit parking rules in Philadelphia. Currently, 51 percent of residents in an area need to sign off on an area becoming a permit parking area. He wants to change that number to 70 percent. Residents of South Philly, Northern Liberties and Fishtown have apparently applied for more permit parking over the last couple years, and those are the areas Squilla represents.

Remember yesterday’s Daily Grinder, where we spoke about Andrew Cuomo? Well, as Keystone Politics reminds us, bringing in natural gas without destroying New York underground rock to get it is not the only thing weird about that governor. According to a story titled “Destroy Andrew Cuomo,” the Democrat is not sure if he wants more Democrats in the New York Senate.  He apparently endorsed some Republican senators for re-election and “refused to say which party he preferred to see control the Senate.” Cuomo is rumored to want to run for president in 2016.

KP also notes, based upon Daily News reporting, that “it looks like people are still unwisely trying to turn the [potential Philly land bank] into a vehicle for unrelated political goals.”

City Council’s rules committee approved a bill that would allow a billboard at the 7th and Callowhill, on the Electric Factory wall.

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