DAILY GRINDER: N.J. Opens First Marijuana Dispensary Today

news-marijuana-bill-2013-lgNew Jersey has opened its first medical marijuana dispensary—today! The stop is in Montclair, Essex County and the first 20 people, out of more than 300 who’ve registered for the drug, will be seen today. Is Pennsylvania next? (Maybe.) Check out PW’s report on next year’s fight in Harrisburg over medical marijuana.

Philly is among seven cities that will share $25 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to “improve collaboration between public and charter schools.” Our share: $2.5 million. “This investment by the Gates Foundation supports the efforts of the Philadelphia Great Schools Compact to make that system of great schools a reality and serves as a confirmation of the Compact’s dedicated work,” said Mayor Nutter in a statement.

Sugarhouse finished eighth of 11 statewide casino venues last month in total gross slots revenue. They brought in $14.7 million, compared with Parx, the state’s most-grossing casino, who brought in more than $29 million. Most area casinos saw a downturn in profits toward the end of this year. The question: What does this mean for whoever wins the potential new Philly casino permit?

The state is already projecting a difficult 2013-2014 budget that could see Pennsylvania lay off more state workers. And, well, going over the so-called “fiscal cliff” would cost the state $300 million.

You know how Gov. Corbett ran on privatizing the PLCB two years ago, and it still hasn’t happened? Here’s an article looking at that.

And maybe you heard that Montgomery County Commissioner Bob Castor wants to run a primary challenge against Gov. Tom Corbett? He totally does. And if/when it happens, it may be one of the most serious insurgency campaigns this state has seen in a while. “It looks to me like Governor Corbett has not fulfilled the promise he came into office with,” Castor told PoliticsPA, who first reported the news. “That could change and everything could end up being terrific a year from now. But if it’s not I want to be in a position where I haven’t sat on my hands.”

2012 showed us that you can spend as much outside money as you want, Karl Rove may still sit on national television in horror on Election Night, as he realizes it was all. worth. nothing. And all those people who gave millions of dollars so he could make distasteful commercials will be calling soon, unhappy. “There will be some question as to how much they can raise here in the future,” Robert B. Asher, a Republican National Committee member who runs one of the state’s largest GOP political action committees, the Pennsylvania Future Fund, told the Inquirer. “After this year, people are going to want to know where their money went and what effect it’s having.”

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