DAILY GRINDER: Now, Just 50 Philly Divisions Went Zero Percent for Romney

RomneyColor_AmerCutElection Day/Night results showed Republican Mitt Romney received zero votes in 59 Philadelphia divisions in this year’s presidential race. And that was evidence there was a conspiracy at foot, because Philadelphia is the center of the universe for stealing votes. Plus, as one theorist noted, the divisions don’t even exist! (Note: That was not true.) But as ballot-counting has continued (including provisional and absentee ballots), it turns out that number is down to 50. Though now it seems that there are 99 divisions in the city where the Republican received just a single vote.

City Council has approved
a resolution to debate whether a city-owned casino in South Philadelphia (an idea first brought to us by Rep. Bob Brady, who last weekend received the Bob Brady Award) is legal and feasible.

Philadelphia water rates are expected to go up 17.5 percent over the next three years—and the first raise will go into effect January 1st. Perfect time for the fiscal cliff to take effect!

Jon Kest, the founder of Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), died this weekend. Kest spent a significant amount of time in Philadelphia throughout his career, graduating from University of Pennsylvania, then lobbying for neighborhood improvements and increased SEPTA services.

PoliticsPA has a great run-down of some Pennsylvania Society events in New York City this weekend. They include a bar fight between labor union politicos and Republican state committee members; the rumor that Northeast Philadelphia state Senator Mike Stack is considering a run for governor; Toomey denying he’d primary Corbett; and some notes from State Rep.-Elect Brian Sims.

And speaking of which, Sen. Bob Casey would not rule out a run for governor at a PA Society dinner, either.

Remember a baby (dubbed “Baby Noel”) that was found in a box on a Philly sidewalk last year? The mother is due for sentencing today for “abandoning the child in a cardboard box while high on crack cocaine,” according to the Associated Press.

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