DAILY GRINDER: Prepare for a Philly Media Paywall

Pay up.

Interstate General Media (the company that now owns Philly.com, the Inquirer and Daily News) have a new idea for their customers: They’re going to make the Inquirer and Daily News paywall sites, while leaving Philly.com as an open access hub. There’s no “precise launch date,” according to spokesman Mark Block, but they’re thinking early 2013. The big question: How many anonymous Philly.com anger goblins will actually pay a yearly (or monthly?) fee to spew racism and hatred? And if not everyone can see it, will it really be worth the fee?

A warehouse at 2nd and Wharton where the Fralinger String Band rented space to store some of its floats and props burned down yesterday. Members of the Mummers group watched the whole thing go down from a nearby bar, and spoke to the Daily News: “We try to keep high hopes, but it’s sad to know all those months of work [are in there.] . . . . There’s guys in there from 9 a.m. till nighttime. It’s like building houses,” said member Ken Harterly.

Six people have been charged with insurance fraud after faking injuries on a SEPTA bus in 2010. The night of the accident, a woman slipped and fell while the bus was near Torresdale Ave. The woman filed an injury claim, but so did six others, none of whom were actually on the bus at the time.

Union-shaming developers the Post Brothers have purchased Presidential city apartments on City Line Avenue. They’re going to renovate the spot’s vacant apartments.

Senator Bob Casey is worried about your gift cards, apparently. So much so, he’s looking to introduce the “Gift Card Consumer Protection Act,” which would: Eliminate deadlines on gift cards, restrict the ability of companies in or nearing bankruptcy to sell cards and require any cards out there to be honored, prevent store loyalty, promotion and award cards from expiring. Personally, I just wish he’d force them all to bring back gift “certificates,” where you get your change in cash, instead of living the rest of your life knowing you’ve got pennies worth of credit on a piece of plastic, and they’re only good at The Gap.

As Michigan’s governor and Republican majority looks intent to pass a “Right to Work” bill in that state’s capitol during their lame duck session, Gov. Corbett has responded to his own ideas about the union worker destroying legislation. “There is not much of a movement to do it and lot of it has to do with the politics at the local level, at the county level and at the state level,” Corbett told friendly interviewer Dom Giordano during a radio appearance. “Until I see a strong will to get legislation passed, we have a lot of other things that we have to get passed.” So, just to be clear, he’d be cool with such a bill coming to his desk. But he doesn’t think anyone else is good enough to give it to him.

The Mayors Office of Transportation and Utilities has announced they plan on bringing a Bike Share plan to Philadelphia by 2014. According to a press release: “The City plans to put up $3 million in capital funds over two years to leverage an addition $5 to $6 million in federal, state and private sector funding for capital.”

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