DAILY GRINDER: Lawsuit Against Chickie’s and Pete’s Claims Skimming on Tips

A lawsuit filed against the owner of Chickie’s and Pete’s alleges the airport branch of the popular Philadelphia sports bar had a habit of taking credit card fees out of wait staff tips. That was actually commonplace in Philadelphia until about a year ago, when Councilman Jim Kenney sponsored legislation that made the restaurant eat the fee. The U.S. Department of Labor is also investigating the claim, made by bartender Andrew LaPlante. In Chickie’s and Pete’s defense, though, they’re obviously struggling to get by and make ends meet. By the end of the summer, those lines for soggy fries at Phillies games were down to a 25 minute wait.

Commonwealth Court Judge Robert E. Simpson yesterday said the next phase of the Pennsylvania Voter ID saga—the trial—will happen in the summer of 2013, assuming the world doesn’t explode next week. (The last part was implied.) Simpson ruled the law was constitutional once, and also stayed the law until after the election.

U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz (D-Pa) will serve as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s national finance chairwoman, which will help target areas of importance for Democratic candidates in the 2014 elections.

Larry Mendte is free! (Sorta.) Yesterday, a judge threw out the former news anchor’s co-host’s defamation suit against their former station, CBS, which alleged Mendte hacked into Alicia Lane’s emails and leaked private info. “Some of the counts against Mendte still stand,” notes the Associated Press. “He pleaded guilty to hacking into Lane’s email in 2008.”

The Philadelphia District Attorney’s office just dropped 37 cases connected to “controversial” narcotics officers.

The Philadelphia School District now plans to close 37 schools in June. About 250 protesters, including parents, teachers, etc., staged a rally outside School District Headquarters last night to condemn the proposals.

The Philadelphia Parking Authority
has launched a new website that will allow you to fight tickets online. This is great! The site “allows individuals to appeal parking tickets online that will include the ability to upload documents in support of an appeal, as well as rules of the appeals process,” according to CBS.

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