DAILY GRINDER: British Company Which Bid on PA Lottery Sets Up Shop in Delaware

The British company that put the single bid in Pennsylvania to run our lottery system has created a new company stateside—in Delaware. Sen. Christine Tartaglione of Philadelphia, who is in favor of closing what’s called the “Delaware loophole” for Pennsylvania businesses (which allows businesses to avoid Pennsylvania’s corporate net income tax by setting p shell companies in Delaware), sent questions to the state government regarding Camelot Global Services setting up shop there. She has said the company has found its new home on a Wilmington Street that houses more than 6,500 companies, but has only 35 parking spaces. You’d think that a British company setting up in the U.S. to take over some of the Pennsylvania government’s responsibilities would make it less shady than staying put.

PA Independent has a look at whether a “right to work” bill would be able to make it to Gov. Corbett’s desk any time soon. The answer is a likely “no,” but Corbett has noted that if it made it past the legislature, he’d sign it. The PI piece also notes that unions in Pennsylvania donate to both Democrats and Republicans and have a large role in Harrisburg. Michigan’s state legislature recently passed—and their governor signed—a “Right to Work” bill during that state’s lame duck session.

If you haven’t heard, Forbes Magazine has again bashed Philly in one of its lists—we’re the third dirtiest city in the country now.

City Council has approved a bill to allow digital advertising on the old Electric Factory Building at 7th and Callowhill Streets by a 16-1 vote. People have been lobbying against this for a long time and are not happy. Mayor Nutter is expected to veto the bill.

Steve Welch, the party-endorsed and Gov. Corbett-picked Republican candidate to run for Senate this year (he lost in the primary) has written an op/ed for the Inquirer finding a new reason for Republicans’ losses: Facebook! “Facebook is not only responsible for creating unwarranted expectations, it is killing the Republican Party. Facebook pushes combative tones, extreme views, and single-issue agendas to the forefront, while even-tempered discussions about comprehensive reforms are buried and rarely seen at all.” His words are worth reading, but the basic point is this: Some Republicans who go on Facebook are out of their minds and no one wants to “friend” or “like” moderate views when everyone’s competing for electronic attention.

State and federal authorities are considering putting Pennsylvania’s bats on the endangered species list now that, well, 99 percent of them have died from white-nose syndrome, a fungus that grows on bats. Researchers have found the fungus in 21 states and it’s killed more than 5.7 million bats over the last five years, since being discovered. Pennsylvania’s oil, gas and timber industries think that giving bats protected status would hurt their businesses and that’s all that matters, no matter what.

Politics PA notes that if John Kerry goes to the Secretary of State position, as he’s expected to do, Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey could directly benefit by being placed on the finance committee in the Senate.

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