Anti-violence Community Activist “Chino” Sanchez Gunned Down in Kensington

Enrique "Chino" Sanchez in 2011, holding a flyer of the Kensington Strangler. Photo by Jeff Fusco

Sanchez in 2011. Photo by Jeff Fusco.

As initially reported by, Wednesday night in Philadelphia was a bloody one: gunfire wounded six and killed one person before dawn.

A teenage boy was shot twice in the face and once in the back in Port Richmond. A 24-year-old woman was randomly shot near 13th and Bainbridge streets while walking home from work. A 36-year-old man was shot multiple times in East Germantown.

Just before 1 a.m., community activist Enrique “Chino” Sanchez, 24, was walking with a friend near Frankford and Castor in Kensington. It appears it was random: The Philadelphia Police confirm it was a robbery. A family member reports that he heard it was a stick-up, and that Chino and his friend had nothing but a pack of cigarettes to give to the robber. They ran, and both were shot. Chino was shot in the chest; his friend in the hip.

A crew from ABC’s Nightline was in town shooting scenes for a series called “A Day in the Life of the American Gun,” and they heard the radio call. “One of the young men was shot in the chest, extremely critical, so they put him in a wagon, they’re transporting him to Temple hospital now,” Sgt. John Hoyt reports into the camera as he drives toward the scene.

They continued filming as paramedics heaved Chino’s body out of an ambulance and onto a gurney to be rushed into surgery. He didn’t make it.

I met Chino in January 2011 while reporting on tactics of questionable legality employed by the police during the hunt for the Kensington Strangler. Like many other young men in the Kensington area at the time, Sanchez had volunteered his time walking the streets, handing out flyers, working the local intel to help find the killer.

Sanchez slipped into my car on a cold winter night to tell me about how—on his way home from a press conference held by Mayor Nutter to update citizens on the Strangler investigation—he was gripped up by police, who scrubbed his cheek for DNA.

We wound up talking about his family and life in Kensington. Chino Sanchez was an intelligent, soft-spoken young man. Family says that he was signed up and all set to participate in a new PPD-based initiative toward gun violence. He was an active member of Men United for a Better Philadelphia.

Chino was also a hip-hop artist. He was working on a song to honor children slain in the Newtown, Conn. massacre, according to a family member. A police spokesperson confirmed there are currently no leads, and no arrest.

A candlelight vigil and stop the gun violence rally will be held tonight at 7 p.m. outside 2023 Castor Ave. in Kensington.

11 Responses to “ Anti-violence Community Activist “Chino” Sanchez Gunned Down in Kensington ”

  1. Angie24 says:

    There is another gun lover (ex-Marine, 66 years old, multi-ethnic, large frame) who prowls the intersection of Castor and Kensington Ave in search of young girls for prostitution and nude photos (or worse). His street name is CookyJar. He is a good marksman and is known for his temper. Girls particularly should be aware of this pervert who offers money to “take pictures”. If you see him or can record his license number, report him to the police immediately.

  2. DarkPhoenix says:

    This CookyJar is not Latino. He’s what you would call a light-skinned African-American, brought up in the Germantown section of the city. But, yes, he seems to hang out in Kensington. We all know about him because he bothers girls here. My cousin said CookyJar once offered her $30 a photo. What he didn’t say is he would plaster the photos all over the internet. Slimeball.

  3. Bishop says:


    I’ve worked with many girls on Kensington Avenue over the years. I try to help them, I listen to their complaints. Most seem not to mind their mostly bald, fat, older clientele. They’re harmless, they do their business and they’re gone. But several have mentioned CookyJar as scumbag number one. He brags about “conquering” his pickups online, but he apparently can’t even get it up. He says he wants photos “for his own use” and then posts dozens of them on an internet site. He refuses to pay his pickups unless they bend over and pose for “anal” shots. He pressures them for double dates with their friends and roomates so he can try to masturbate watching them. Bottom line: a lonely impotent old man paying money illegally for prostitutes, insulting and endangering them, illegally making their identities public for the rest of their lives. I’m very tolerent of men out for fun, but the sooner the police round up this pervert the better.

  4. jermaine says:

    what kind of car do this guy drive

  5. Paco says:

    Chino was a good man and was trying to make the ‘hood a better place. He hate guns, I hate guns. I seen the old man “CookyJar” just once years ago, driving a truck at the time. Looking for underage girls. He act like he got a weapon but didn’t show it. They say he from North Philly, always talking about Vietnam, the M-14, the M3A1, the 50 caliber automatic machine gun, blah blah blah. I don’t want no girls gettin near him. Police should trace him from his internet address when he put up porn.

  6. jermaine says:

    what the truck look like

  7. Oliver L. says:

    This CookyJar guy sounds like he has terrible PTSD and is dealing with it in (practically) the worst way possible.

  8. Shakyeal Baccus says:

    I knew chino. He was like a brother to me. I remember getting the news that he had been shot and i said to myself i’m not gonna believe it to I see him myself. I miss my bro so much…

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m seeing this name CookyJar more and more in the press. Apparently he’s still picking up known prostitutes on Kensington Avenue and forcing their “consent” for photos in $100-500 sessions. Money talks. He’ll need that money after his lawyer researches the case law on forcible consent. You’d think he would shower that money on his beloved granddaughter at Penn instead of destitute drug addicts!

  10. Bishop says:

    Back at you about the pervert Cookie Jar. One of my clients has a grandson at Penn. I ask him to kinda look around. You know, tall light-skinned black girl, grandfather in the Marines, that kind of sh*t. School ain’t that big, Philly girls hang out together, we might get a hit. Ain’t seen the old perv around the K lately. Good.

  11. sylvia muniz says:

    thats not right the good people have to died not the bad guys why this is happening to our community why our own race

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