Pennsylvania Vote-Rigging Takes Center Stage

HarrisburgPolitics_Banner_EDITFor over a year, Pennsylvania Republicans have been threatening to anti-democratize the Keystone State and change how we vote for president—from a “winner takes all” system employed by 48 states to an electoral college-based system that would split our votes. And in the current political landscape, such a plan would wholly benefit the GOP, who haven’t won the commonwealth in a national election since 1988. The bill would change the way we vote. Read more about it here.

Some other states had considered such plans, and the national GOP (seeing the writing on the wall) has taken to considering them, for nothing else, to stay alive in a political landscape many in the party stubbornly refuse to acknowledge. All those states, including Michigan, Ohio and Virginia, ended up shutting down the idea. But not Pennsylvania.

On Thursday, State Sen. Dominic Pileggi and 12 other Republicans re-introduced his legislation to the Pennsylvania Legislature that would amend the Pennsylvania Election Code, making it easier for Republicans to take power in federal government. They include Scarnati, Ward, Alloway, Mensch, Eichelberger, Rafferty, Folmer, Erickson, Greenleaf, Tomlinson, Browne and Yaw. And there’s a House version, too.

Not only would the legislation shift Pennsylvania toward a red state of mind, but it would severely limit the last grasps of power held onto by large cities, like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Because while President Obama won the state as a whole by 5.4 percent, he lost 13 of 18 Congressional districts due to the way they were written in 2010, when Republicans took massive control of the state due to a Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act backlash. That trend will at least continue through the next election. And being a so-called “swing state,” no presidential candidate could possibly win a large plurality of electoral votes in such a system.

The national pressed has noticed. And so has the national Democratic party. They’ve been on high alert, sending out emails throughout the week showing articles from Think Progress, Talking Points Memo and the Washington Post with the subject header: “Seriously? Republicans are STILL pursuing schemes to rig future elections?” And as the Post notes of the plan, “it would reward candidates for winning land, not people.”

[Note: This post has been updated.]

6 Responses to “ Pennsylvania Vote-Rigging Takes Center Stage ”

  1. Frank Rizzo says:

    How about the vote rigging by Democrats in the last election? No ID required. Any word on how many dead people voted democrat again this year? Didn’t think so.

  2. Mike Foy says:

    Frank, you tell me. You seem to know by your tone. Not 10 cases across the country and none in PA but you’re willing to spend millions of tax payer money to make sure the dead don’t vote. Another case proving that no child left behind was generations too late.

  3. CB says:

    Why not national voter ID? Its just a small inconvenience on the rights of millions of law abiding citizens. Hey, we’re already on a roll to impose restrictions on that other constitutionally granted right; to keep and bear arms.

    Do we need a national voting tragedy before the cries for sensible voter control will be heard? If it will prevent a single fraudulent vote isn’t it worth it? Think of the children!

    (with tongue firmly in cheek)

  4. DR SMITH says:

    Funny the author uses the term vote rigging to describe a process wherein Electoral College votes are awarded to the party that wins the real estate involved, unlike the current system where Democrats bought and paid for in Philly deliver votes from Warren County.Vote rigging? Public money is used to reward unions for their support of Dems. The unions turn around and donate back to the Dems. The Dems hand out goodies with more public money in large urban areas effectively buying more votes at election time. The bought votes keep them in office. THE MONEY USED TO BUY THE VOTES BELONGS TO SOMEBODY ELSE! VOTE RIGGING?

  5. ambiguator says:

    These comments are almost as compelling as those on philly dot com.

  6. Rhonda Lee Starr says:

    “How about the vote rigging by Democrats in the last election?” There is no evidence that is a widespread problem.

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