Mayor Nutter Responds to Philly Mag, and Huber Gets Invited to Meet Some People Who Aren’t White

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Over the weekend, Mayor Nutter weighed in on that clickety-click-click-seeking enterprise that is Robert Huber’s would-be opus, “Being White In Philly,” published in this month’s Philadelphia Magazine.

“Someone has written something in a magazine in Philadelphia,” Nutter remarked Saturday morning at the 27th annual Madam CJ Walker Luncheon, sponsored by the National Coalition of 100 Black Women incorporated. “It makes some pretty disgusting and disdainful comments about African-Americans and women in particular. I’ll have some more to say about that in the upcoming weeks — but maybe that person might want to come to this event and see some positive folks doing some positive things.”

(We await clarification regarding that “women in particular” bit. Did he mean Huber’s reference to a Russian “beauty” in a BMW? Her quote accusing black people of smoking pot and making babies? Or was Nutter just tossing that out there because he was speaking at a women’s event?)

Now that Huber’s tackled the herculean task of finding some white people willing to talk about black people, one group of local black leaders has extended him an invitation to go for a walk-and-talk with them in Love Park on Wednesday, March 20. The event, called “Spring Forward,” had already been planned before the mayor called for Huber to try expanding his racial awareness, but the organizers — including PhillyDoGooder and Techbook Online Corporation CEO Christopher “Flood the Drummer” Norris, Phresh Philadelphia’s president and cofounder Rashaun “DJ Reezey” Williams and International McNair Scholar Juwan Z. Bennett — say they feel galvanized by Nutter’s remarks.

“I think people were waiting for it,” says Norris. “I think a lot of people thought he was behind the pack, as everyone else had responded to it by then. Once he responded to it, it gave the conversation a lasting imprint and broadened the dialogue.” Norris goes on to explain the event’s title: “We’re ’springing forward’ by introducing him to a variety of people in Philadelphia, not just black people. We want to change the narrative from this hostility and anger … to try to convert it into positivity.”

Norris says he hopes for an apology. But given Huber’s stance against public apologies and his recent doubling down on the success of his article when he recently spoke to reporter Bobbi Booker, that’s doubtful.

Huber’s invitation to Spring Forward is being sent through multiple avenues, Norris says, to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the barrage of hate mail. One invite was sent by mail, one by way of sole black Phillymag contributor Michael Coard, and one will be hand-delivered tomorrow afternoon at the mag’s headquarters, with a camera crew along for the ride. (Uh-oh. I hope they make a formal appointment.)

“I think for the sake of their brand, they need to attend,” says Norris. He also suggests Philly Mag follow through with their desire to “start a dialogue” — they should make Huber’s piece the first in a series, he says: “Cover being black in Philly, being Puerto Rican in Philly. Is that what you’re all interested in? Or are you just interested in looking like this isolated, out-of-touch suburban [magazine]?”

4 Responses to “ Mayor Nutter Responds to Philly Mag, and Huber Gets Invited to Meet Some People Who Aren’t White ”

  1. wg says:

    Their brand is Racist Troll Magazine, theres nothing they can do about that now.

    But maybe this will be a good thing for he individuals at the magazine, assuming their ignorance is genuinely not malicious.

  2. InNane says:

    Why is the mayor even taking this article seriously? It is just begging for mockery, yet he’s inviting the author to a city event to enlighten him? The article is an example of lazy, clueless journalism used to sell magazines and that should be held up as an example of what NOT to aspire to.

  3. Frank Rizzo says:

    Racism huh? When is Nutter going to correct the record on calling the Zimmerman/Martin case, “an assassination”, and endorsing the angry mob that took over parts of center city under the title, “million hoodies march”? Nice attempt at a race war there bud.

    Let’s look at the facts:

    1.) NBC and other outlets deliberately distorted transcripts of the 911 call to make Zimmerman look like a racist.
    2.) Similar media outlets published photos of Zimmerman which obscured his injuries, which were extensive.
    3.) One of the main witnesses, Martin’s supposed “girlfriend”, was convicted of lying under oath about why she didn’t attend his funeral (she said she was in the hospital); yeah, I’m sure her testimony about the phone call she supposedly had with Martin during the incident was real.
    4.) Zimmerman has Afro-Peruvian ancestry.

    How about correcting the facts here Nutter?

    It was clearly not an “assassination”. It was a race-war cooked up in an election year. And if you ran into that angry mob he helped stoke in Center city you’d have feared for your safety as well; I’m sure it would have been TOTALLY SAFE to voice a different opinion. They didn’t even have a permit as far as I can see. How is that possible?

    Nutter is a giant hypocrite and scold who only comments when he can get some national attention. He didn’t say ANYTHING about flash mobs or their victims until it became national news; he had no comment regarding the gentleman beaten into a seizure at Broad and South Sts on his way home (the guy is permanently disabled now). These were clearly race-based attacks, and he danced around that issue completely.

    I can only conclude that he feels white folks have no right to speak about race in Philadelphia.

  4. charles nelson says:

    Isn’t funny how so how many are attacking the article as racist, yet they don’t mention one sentence in the whole story that is racist. The article points out that blacks commit a disproportionate share of crime in the city, don’t do well in school, destroy neighborhoods, have most of their kids out of wedlock. Those are facts. But since blacks and liberals can’t dispute the facts, they resort to the usual accusations of racism. It’s about time someone in the local media had the guts to print what everyone thinks but is afraid to say. Kudos Mr. Huber. And your detractors can all go fuck themselves.

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