Don’t Worry, I Will Be at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference This Weekend

RandyLANDTomorrow begins my favorite weekend of the year. It’s time for the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference in Camp Hill, Pa., in which conservative activists and Republican politicians from all over the state descend upon a hotel across the river from the state Capitol and do conservative things. I’ll be there most of the weekend, both live-tweeting events and speeches, and providing updates to this blog. Look for the #PLC2013 hashtag on Twitter. Check out the full schedule here.

Here are some people I’ll be watching:

U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey. This will be the Pennsylvania Republican’s first time in front of a local, conservative crowd since his bill to provide background checks on commercial gun purchasers went down in flames to an overly paranoid, gun lobby-controlled U.S. Senate, in which only moderate Republican Sens. Mark Kirk (R-IL), Susan Collins (R-ME) and John McCain (R-AZ) joined him from the right. There have already been calls for him to be challenged in the primary. The American Spectator put out a piece in which he was called “Arlen Toomey,” in reference to Arlen Specter, the late Pennsylvania senator who was moderate on some issues.

Gov. Tom Corbett. He’s speaking at the Friday night “Liberty Dinner.” The governor’s numbers throughout the state are extremely low — some polls put him in the low 30s — and he’s got a horde of Democratic challengers licking their lips at the shot to take in him in November 2014. There’s reason to believe Republicans want him out of office, too, but don’t have an alternative to take him on (the only potential challenger, thus far, Bruce Castor, is also unpopular). His reception and inevitable attempts to shore up excitement about liquor reform (the only issue on which most Pennsylvanians find his argument to be the right one) could show where his career is headed.

Scott Rasmussen. His polls have given Republicans false hope time and again — and yet, the rights still continues touting them during presidential election seasons! His place as a speaker at this conference shows that his strategies and research aren’t going anywhere.

State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe. Because that dude’s hilarious. And he scares me.

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