Corbett: PA is on “brink of an economic revolution”

State and national political figures came out Friday night at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conference met for dinner and speeches. Gov. Corbett, former Sen. Jim DeMint and Fox News contributor Steven Hayes all spoke after being introduced by R.J. Harris, a local conservative radio host.

Before DeMint noted the Heritage Foundation (of which he is president) helped kill Pat Toomey’s background check gun bill and said late Sen. Arlen Specter used to sell out the GOP, Corbett gave his standard stump speech. The governor noted how far Pennsylvania’s economy has come (unemployment went down 2/10 of a percentage point last month, he noted to applause) and made his argument, again, against Pennsylvania being in the liquor business.

Having just got back from Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he was touting business opportunities for South American businesses, he noted the Sau Paulians have more liberty with regarding to getting shitfaced than Pennsylvanians do—and that ain’t right.

On the economy, he noted Pennsylvania governments were all tax and spend until “someone comes in like myself and says, [puts hands up] ‘Whoa, we don’t have that money.’” He said his policies with regard to fracking, lowering taxes and cutting spending mean that we’re “on our way to a full recovery” and on the “brink of an economic revolution.”

The governor finished his speech by saying he wants liquor reform (which happens to be his only popular issue.) “Get something to my desk by June 30th,” he said.

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