Gov. Corbett Implies Pennsylvania Unemployed Are Drug-Addicted

During a recent appearance on the Pennsylvania Matters radio show, Governor Tom Corbett attempted to explain away Pennsylvania’s dismal job numbers by suggesting the state’s unemployed are drug addicted and cannot pass a urine sample test required for employment.

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“The other area is, there are many employers that say we’re looking for people but we can’t find anybody that has passed a drug test, a lot of them,” he said. “And that’s a concern for me because we’re having a serious problem with that.”

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party has taken the governor to task for his comments both on Twitter and through email blasts — because why wouldn’t they? Polls show the governor trails just about every Democratic candidate that wants to oppose him in November 2014 and he’s essentially made liquor privatization his keystone issue. Which begs the question: Does Tom Corbett even want a second term?

UPDATE: The Pennsylvania Democratic Party has started a Facebook page asking residents if they “disapprove of Tom Corbett blaming the unemployment rate on drug use.”

UPDATE 2: PoliticsPA informs us that U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz has hit back at Corbett’s comments via an article in the Huffington Post: “Governor Corbett’s response to his own failed leadership on the economy shifts between making excuses and blaming and insulting the people of Pennsylvania. Either way, Pennsylvanians know it’s obviously time for a new governor,” she wrote by email.

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